Ever felt suddenly ignored by a loved one? Here is why..

The silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse. It is when a person in the relationship ignores the other or refuses to acknowledge them verbally or through any other method. The person giving the silent treatmentusually has narcissistic tendencies.… Read More Ever felt suddenly ignored by a loved one? Here is why..

Subtle Addictions & Guilt

Everyday we progress through life facing various uncertainties.

Due to this uncertainties and we not being GOD, we make mistakes.

These mistakes build subconscious addictions and guilt in us.

As we have many distractions all the time and very less mindfulness these subtle guilts & addictions go unattended.

Later they have negative *compounded* effect on the quality of our life.

These under the radar, unnoticed guilt, addictions and negativity is something that we need to pay attention to.

Here is a small article that discusses this topic in detail.


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Psychologist… Read More Subtle Addictions & Guilt

3 simple habits to always stay healthy

I ignored the fact that our body is also mind. I realized that without a healthy body the mind cannot be healthy. And when I look at all the 20 things that are making me feel like shit, I’ve noticed that their roots somehow point towards the physical body & health. Now I know that the health of the body can be the greatest barrier in developing a super conscious mind & intellect. … Read More 3 simple habits to always stay healthy

Research: How to deal with nervousness

Alison Wood Brooks is a researcher at Harvard Business School. She studies the most effective strategy for dealing with acute stress.
First, a little test: Imagine that you need to give a big presentation in front of a bunch of people. Your heart’s been pounding for days at the mere thought of this talk. Palms are sweaty. All that. What should you tell yourself? Should you try to calm down or should you try to feel excited?… Read More Research: How to deal with nervousness

Emotional vs Rational Thinking | Advises from my mentors

what to choose over which, then always go for what seems right with rational or logical thinking. I found this advice in the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, which was out of my consciousness until now. You see, the things I already know but had forgotten came up in my dream.
So why do you choose which is right based on rational thinking and not emotional thinking (feelings) ?… Read More Emotional vs Rational Thinking | Advises from my mentors