Reasons you feel like shit!

Journalling is a great way to empty your mind, attend your inner voice, contemplate on issues and conflicts, derive solutions to them, get inspired again, feel relaxed and reflect on your life that will nourish your soul. continue reading…… Read More Reasons you feel like shit!


Your right to get angry is stolen

Your prerogative to express anger is stolen, making you miserable. The below things are not good for you: Being thirsty, hungry, altruist, energetic, empathetic,etc. Basically all the good emotions that come in from A to Z are bad for you. Continue reading..… Read More Your right to get angry is stolen

How your mind tricks you into problems

This nature of a our mind has generated unbelievable things like phone, internet, houses, roads, clothes, books, systems, laws, language, etc. Everything around you is a solution to a problem.

It will think that your relationships aren’t up to the mark, it will think that you ain’t worth enough and all sorts of emotional conflicts (problems) will come up just because you cannot sit idle, your brain has to come up with a problem so that it can solve it. That’s a natural function of our brain.

So, if there is an inward problem in your life, simply ask yourself if your mind has created it or is it something really present externally.

There is nothing wrong with you most of the time, you stay in your head and create massive problems for yourself because you can’t find problems outside in the world to solve!

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Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?

If yes, you’ll die soon because you won’t do anything to push yourself & grow. When you don’t grow guess what happens? You die! SO EXPAND YOUR VISION & KEEP MAKING YOURSELF AND THE DIFFERENT AREAS OF YOUR LIFE BETTER. AIM TO GET HEALTHIER/ EARN MORE MONEY/ IMPROVE ROMANCE/ SOCIALIZE BETTER.. I hope you get it… (the motivation!)… Read More Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?