Love Bombing – Manipulation Weapon

Love is good. But can it be evil? I bet ya, it can be. What if people can take you for granted by manipulating you with the universe's most wonderful emotion - love? If love is used for bonding & creating, it can be used for destruction and self service as well. Love can make … Continue reading Love Bombing – Manipulation Weapon


How to never get frustrated again?

A few years ago, When I was 16-17 years of age, I got habitual to getting frustrated. I went through a ton of drama, miseries and emotional breakdowns. That time all I had wanted was a shoulder to lean on, and that was my "expectation mindset" that I slapped on the face of every human being I came in contact with.  I was expecting "certain feelings" from OTHERS to feel good about myself. 

Stupid relationship myth

If your "better-half".. Oops! Let me correct.. The word 'better-half' is stupidity, the person who coined this word, Mr. Horace a roman poet must be a complete fantasy idiot & should be given a 100 & half slashes for such a terrible mistake 😜 - he didn't understand the song of love birds, he must be choked … Continue reading Stupid relationship myth

Hate and love the same person?

Hate & love the same person? Confused a little? Disturbed a little? Mixed feelings for the same person? Not anymore. I've struggled with this, finally cracked this psycho-emotional mingle. Let me tell you if you think you hate & love the same person, then that is not true. It's not the case. The fact is that … Continue reading Hate and love the same person?

6 Qualities of a forby Mother

A good mother is a wise and intelligent woman. Her foresight for her family is vivid, she's highly intuitive, she is a great decision maker because she knows that every single decision of her's can either make or break a family. She's able to analyses and foresee the effects of her actions and decisions on her family.

1 concept to overcome all metal illnesses – CRAT Technique

"CRAT Technique" for overcoming all mental illnesses. "You deserve mental freedom to fly" "Control your mind or it will control you" There was a time when my life used to suck, my routine was random, and my body clock was disturbed. My house was filthy, my body was unhealthy and the mind never stopped running. … Continue reading 1 concept to overcome all metal illnesses – CRAT Technique

Power of “MY RULES”

We all have a set of personal rules that dictate how we interact with and judge other people. Our rules also dictate how we view ourselves and how we see the world. Our rules shape us, they make up who we are. There’s nothing wrong with that! Before I write about the power of personal rules … Continue reading Power of “MY RULES”

5 Tips To Taming The Monkey Mind

Tip 1: You should not dwell on sundry goods or bad actions once they have been performed. Tip 2: Let Go - Do not hold on to anything or else it will destroy your inner peace. Tip 3: Watch your words & thoughts. Avoid any bad & unethical thinking and talks. Tip 4: Stop Over … Continue reading 5 Tips To Taming The Monkey Mind