3 simple habits to always stay healthy

I ignored the fact that our body is also mind. I realized that without a healthy body the mind cannot be healthy. And when I look at all the 20 things that are making me feel like shit, I've noticed that their roots somehow point towards the physical body & health. Now I know that the health of the body can be the greatest barrier in developing a super conscious mind & intellect.


Emotional vs Rational Thinking | Advises from my mentors

what to choose over which, then always go for what seems right with rational or logical thinking. I found this advice in the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, which was out of my consciousness until now. You see, the things I already know but had forgotten came up in my dream.
So why do you choose which is right based on rational thinking and not emotional thinking (feelings) ?

How to never get frustrated again?

A few years ago, When I was 16-17 years of age, I got habitual to getting frustrated. I went through a ton of drama, miseries and emotional breakdowns. That time all I had wanted was a shoulder to lean on, and that was my "expectation mindset" that I slapped on the face of every human being I came in contact with.  I was expecting "certain feelings" from OTHERS to feel good about myself. 

Realization: Growth Cycle

I have realised that when the time's destined, people will come into your life & when the time's over, people leave. The person who loves you today may not love you 3 months from now, because the time's over. Everything will come, stay and leave when it's time. Everything comes, stays and leaves to teach us something, to make us grow.

Hate and love the same person?

Hate & love the same person? Confused a little? Disturbed a little? Mixed feelings for the same person? Not anymore. I've struggled with this, finally cracked this psycho-emotional mingle. Let me tell you if you think you hate & love the same person, then that is not true. It's not the case. The fact is that … Continue reading Hate and love the same person?

6 Qualities of a forby Mother

A good mother is a wise and intelligent woman. Her foresight for her family is vivid, she's highly intuitive, she is a great decision maker because she knows that every single decision of her's can either make or break a family. She's able to analyses and foresee the effects of her actions and decisions on her family.

The journey of 11 truths.

I won't waste your time in telling long stories about the journey. I want to get straight forward and convey the message in most simple, direct and fastest way. So, below are few thoughts I has realized in my 3 days trip, hopefully this will help you as well. **Note: I won't be explaining every though because … Continue reading The journey of 11 truths.

1 concept to overcome all metal illnesses – CRAT Technique

"CRAT Technique" for overcoming all mental illnesses. "You deserve mental freedom to fly" "Control your mind or it will control you" There was a time when my life used to suck, my routine was random, and my body clock was disturbed. My house was filthy, my body was unhealthy and the mind never stopped running. … Continue reading 1 concept to overcome all metal illnesses – CRAT Technique

11 proven steps to increase your intelligence

How to increase your intelligence? Proven 11 Steps Guide. First of all, let me explain what I mean when I say the word "intelligence". To be clear, I'm not just talking about increasing the volume of facts or bits of knowledge you can accumulate, or what is referred to as crystallized intelligence—this isn't fluency or memorization … Continue reading 11 proven steps to increase your intelligence

Power of “MY RULES”

We all have a set of personal rules that dictate how we interact with and judge other people. Our rules also dictate how we view ourselves and how we see the world. Our rules shape us, they make up who we are. There’s nothing wrong with that! Before I write about the power of personal rules … Continue reading Power of “MY RULES”

54 Wise tips for easy life – Ancient Wisdom

The blessings which could be received, could be taken away. While we often stop to think, we miss opportunity. The gain acquired at the expenses of reputation, should be counted as a loss. It is easier for a woman to shed tears, without salt. The greatest of comforts is to be free from blame. Yesterday … Continue reading 54 Wise tips for easy life – Ancient Wisdom

Depression : How I overcame it & how you can too.

  Before I start the article I would like to cheer you up!! You are worth more than you can ever realize. You do not need validation of any sort from anyone because no one is qualified enough to judge or validate you. There can only be one person to judge you - the GOD. One … Continue reading Depression : How I overcame it & how you can too.

15 Signs you are living your life purpose.

1. You cried, with extreme happiness and rush of all positive emotions. 2. You lose your sleep and hunger because you are deeply soaked in the work you love and experience extreme satisfaction. 3. You fell crazy and fantastic! The energy is radiating for every cell of your body. 4. You inspire people. Your personality … Continue reading 15 Signs you are living your life purpose.

5 Tips To Taming The Monkey Mind

Tip 1: You should not dwell on sundry goods or bad actions once they have been performed. Tip 2: Let Go - Do not hold on to anything or else it will destroy your inner peace. Tip 3: Watch your words & thoughts. Avoid any bad & unethical thinking and talks. Tip 4: Stop Over … Continue reading 5 Tips To Taming The Monkey Mind

3 biggest problems of my life & the facts that helped me overcome them!

Problem 1: Depression - No one liked me, no one appreciated me, everyone criticized me. I received sarcastic comments. I was an idiot! I was in depression, I was lonely, I was broke into million pieces. I needed love! I needed hugs! It took nothing for people to make me cry like a helpless poor … Continue reading 3 biggest problems of my life & the facts that helped me overcome them!