The 28 Subconscious Persuasion Practices

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Communication Mistakes to Avoid

This is more common than we think when seen in our daily lives. People ask something and we respond something else which leaves the communication highly ineffective. And if both the people communicating don’t have good Emotional Intelligence, it is not very astonishing to find them in continuous arguments and disregarding.… Read More Communication Mistakes to Avoid

How your mind tricks you into problems

This nature of a our mind has generated unbelievable things like phone, internet, houses, roads, clothes, books, systems, laws, language, etc. Everything around you is a solution to a problem.

It will think that your relationships aren’t up to the mark, it will think that you ain’t worth enough and all sorts of emotional conflicts (problems) will come up just because you cannot sit idle, your brain has to come up with a problem so that it can solve it. That’s a natural function of our brain.

So, if there is an inward problem in your life, simply ask yourself if your mind has created it or is it something really present externally.

There is nothing wrong with you most of the time, you stay in your head and create massive problems for yourself because you can’t find problems outside in the world to solve!

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How to make people believe in you?

What you will learn:

Make people believe in whatever you want them to believe in about you or the worldHow your mind is made to believe in fallacyHow your relationships are ruined by gossipsHow you can make people believe in something which is not true (Do not use this, Just understand it so that you cannot be fooled)You can use this effect to reprogram your mind into whatever you want it to be likeWhat makes a lier “great”And much more..

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in as little as 3:03 minutes!  … Read More How to make people believe in you?


What is autodidactism?

Simply, a person who engages in serious self-education, studying subjects deeply on his/her own time, in his/her own way.… Read More What is autodidactism?


Contemplating your death

Ancient Philosophers resembling the “stoic” community made use of the technique known as “contemplation of your own death” to live a worthy life. They used to cultivate the habit of thinking that they are dead already and the day they are living today is the bonus they received from god.… Read More Contemplating your death


Passion is Poison

But here is the thing, these impacts are positive as well as negative. It totally depends upon the degree of it’s execution and your perspective. That’s why sometimes they are beneficial other times they may backfire!… Read More Passion is Poison