Scientifically banned method to get a YES to your proposal?

You like someone?

Are you thinking of proposing?

Are you doubtful that you might get rejected?

If yes,

I have a formula that is guaranteed to get you a yes irrespective of anything!

Sounds impossible?

Well, It is possible because this is a subconscious subliminal persuasion technique that by passes the conscious mind of the person and makes them agree to your proposal.… Read More Scientifically banned method to get a YES to your proposal?

The 28 Subconscious Persuasion Practices

100% OFF ON THIS COURSE! The 28 Subconscious Persuasion Practices A definetive guide to get what you want, using using sub-communication techniques. What Will I Learn? ✔ Convince people for anything easily with sub-communication ✔ Influence crowd effortlessly to follow you ✔ Increase your personal impact in social circle without saying a word. ✔ Use… Read More The 28 Subconscious Persuasion Practices

How to never get frustrated again?

A few years ago, When I was 16-17 years of age, I got habitual to getting frustrated. I went through a ton of drama, miseries and emotional breakdowns. That time all I had wanted was a shoulder to lean on, and that was my “expectation mindset” that I slapped on the face of every human being I came in contact with. 

I was expecting “certain feelings” from OTHERS to feel good about myself. … Read More How to never get frustrated again?