The 28 Subconscious Persuasion Practices

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Robin Sharma PODCAST Lessons on Leadership

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How to make your 2018 the greatest year !

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Are you a loser wanting to become a leader?

“Leadership is not a title. It’s a behavior, Live it” – Robin Sharma 

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There is a leader in you. I can see it, but can you?

Maybe not yet and it’s only because of these 3 influences listed down below..… Read More Are you a loser wanting to become a leader?


Why to not care about what people think?

Are you tired to suppressing your expressions just because you care too much about what people think about you?

Do you give a lot of fuck?

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Brain Food: 9 Wisdom Stones

Yo, This month was DAMN GOOD 🙂  What about you? I hope you too are optimizing your life like me.. However, I got a few Experiences and Psychological Hacks, Tools & Strategies that can help you optimize your life to fullest.  Do you ever find yourself in bad mood and wished that you could changed… Read More Brain Food: 9 Wisdom Stones


Is over thinking killing you? Solution is Cognitive Bandwidth

Have you ever suffered from uncontrollable over-thinking? Have you ever burned yourself with stress that was caused by simply obsessing over a thought? Would your life be much more fun if you could spend your thinking energy and time on constructive introspection instead of obsessing over negative thoughts? Do you know a concrete law to help yourself… Read More Is over thinking killing you? Solution is Cognitive Bandwidth