Brain Food: 9 Wisdom Stones


This month was DAMN GOOD 🙂 

What about you? I hope you too are optimizing your life like me.. However, I got a few Experiences and Psychological Hacks, Tools & Strategies that can help you optimize your life to fullest. 

  1. Do you ever find yourself in bad mood and wished that you could changed it in seconds if you had some magical powers? Worry no more, here is the 30 sec Psychological Hack that is PROVEN TO WORK every single time. Watch here: Facial Feedback Theory of Emotion
  2. Do you have repeated patterns of behavior that cause problems in your life? Here is how to get rid of them. Watch here: What Got You Here, Wont Get You There
  3. Do you carry emotional Baggage with you? Do you feel heavy inside? There is only one way to release such trapped emotions in few seconds. Watch here: Life without Emotions
  4. What is the most advantageous position in life to be and how to get there. Learn this 1 min Mind Shift. Watch here: Transactional Analysis and Life Positions
  5. Do you have inferiority complex? and cant find a concrete solution to it? Here is the root of inferiority complex and how to destroy it right away? Watch here: Psychology of Inferiority Complex
  6. Should you fight or take a flight from people and situation?Watch here: Fight and Flight Response
  7. You are depressed and have suicidal thoughts? I am with you, destroy depression from root. Watch here: I am depressed and have suicidal thoughts
  8. Are you too cold or too hot? Are you an extremist and wish to live a balanced life? Here is a supportive idea. Watch here: The Yin-Yang Theory of Masculine & Feminine Energies
  9. Feel the way you want using your physical body. Watch here: Feelings in your body manifests events that will generate similar feelings.

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Take this wisdom and Optimize your life today


Aman Varma

​ ​


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