Is over thinking killing you? Solution is Cognitive Bandwidth

Have you ever suffered from uncontrollable over-thinking?

Have you ever burned yourself with stress that was caused by simply obsessing over a thought?

Would your life be much more fun if you could spend your thinking energy and time on constructive introspection instead of obsessing over negative thoughts?

Do you know a concrete law to help yourself stop obsessive thoughts on a instant?

Here is the answer from a Psychologist..


It’s been a while since I haven’t shared any wisdom with you VIP Members. So, today 15th the Sunday, I am here with simple yet mind blowing wisdom that you can apply right now in your life.

On that note, I have realized these 3 pieces of wisdom in the duration of a month, to be specific it’s the month of September.

Here’s the thing..


Your cognitive abilities are limited. That means that your bandwidth of processing a thought or external stimulus is limited. For example, we have a GB of Internet bandwidth everyday. I had this problem of obsession a.k.a over-thinking. I tested for 2-3 years on how to solve the problem of over thinking but I failed everything single time as I couldn’t find any concrete method that could work as a law. But after so much of research and experimentation and finally found that CONCRETE LAW to stop overthinking/obsession. Here is the law: Catch yourself when you are over thinking/obsessing and literally shift your attention/flow of thoughts towards other constructive things. Be aware that you are overthinking/obsessing and then break that thought pattern and find something else to think upon. When you do this 10s to 100s of times, your bandwidth for the particular obsession would drop to zero.

When you take charge of your mind and decide where you want to spend your mental bandwidth, your life will transform in a single day. Stress will be zero. Productivity will be 100. Mind will be clear, clutter will be zero.

You will evolve in a single day. How fucking amazing is that?

Apply this wisdom and let me know what you think.

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Clinical Psychologist 

P.S. I will share the other 2 pieces of wisdom periodically.


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