Why having ego is good?

Everybody says that I am an egomaniac. They are right but only partially. People don’t know what makes everyone egoistic. We are all egoistic and that’s a good thing for us.

I do not think that children are born egomaniacs. There are certain external circumstances that make them develop ego in them, the people or circumstances that pose as a threat to their innocent character & self identity is the main reason I see behind it. If children do not develop ego, they are treated worse than the door mat.

I know that ego is not a sense of superiority but a sense of dignity, a judgement about other’s behaviour to avoid getting personal values violated.

Ego gives you the strength to stand up for yourself & let the world know that you are not a door mat but a person of worth & value.

I doubt the purity of respect, & it’s importance if it is meant to be only given by juniors to seniors. If that is the case, well that too pessimistic view of respect. For me, respect is dynamic.. Irrespective of age, qualities & other manipulative factors.

Standing up for yourself is difficult, it may seem disrespectful towards someone.. But if you keep getting the treatment of door mat, you are disrespectful towards yourself.

Standing up for your beliefs, mindsets and ideas are not egocentric behaviours, at least for me. Please consider your meaning of “ego” Because people often interchange it with arrogance.

Egoistic people has self respect, Arrogant people have pride & superiority complex.

Be egocentric to not get stepped on.

Hitler demanded respect forcefully, he didn’t deserve it. Therefore he is Arrogant. Not egoistic.

Suggested Video: Ever got suddenly ignored by a loved one? know how to crush someone’s ego without saying a word


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