Dignity is of prime importance

No matter how hungry the tiger is, it will not eat grass – Tamil Proverb


Dignity. That’s what this is called. That set of values that are non-negotiable. The rules we will never break, even when angry, anxious, or in pain. The line we will never cross, even in the worst moments of need. The higher that bar, the higher our level of development, the ground we stand on. And life will test you. It will test you. You will need to hold your ground, like a mountain that is not moved even by the strongest winds.

For me, for example, being emotionally dependent is a grass I will never eat. Being dishonest is another grass I will never eat. I am determined never to tell a lie, not even the so called “white lies”. Even if there would be great financial benefit for me, or the chance of avoiding losing something, or preventing a difficult situation, I shall speak only the truth, or keep quiet. I may undergo the hunger of “losing opportunities”, being misunderstood and judged, losing some types of friends, but I will not eat that grass. And I feel there is great personal power and freedom in this commitment.


What is the grass you will never eat? Take a minute to write down three to five rules, or principles, that you will never break, no matter what. This is your Personal Constitution. You are a tiger! And tigers don’t eat grass.

Take this wisdom and Have a Badass Day


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