3 simple habits to always stay healthy

Uptill now, I used to focus only on developing my intellect and other things that were related to mind. Mind was my main object to play with and I ignored my body for that reason. I ignored my body’s needs and focused all my will power and desire to sharpen my mind.

But now, I regret it.

I ignored the fact that our body is also mind. I realized that without a healthy body the mind cannot be healthy. And when I look at all the 20 things that are making me feel like shit, I’ve noticed that their roots somehow point towards the physical body & health. Now I know that the health of the body can be the greatest barrier in developing a super conscious mind & intellect.

Then again, I started journalling and to my fascination I became aware of the fact that to be healthy I have to do only 3 things! Wait.. What? Only 3? That’s crazy! Yea.. Right.

1. Hydration Drink enough water.

(I am not going to explain it’s effect on our body, you can read a plenty on the net)

2. Nutrition Enough food should be consumed.

When I say enough, I mean not more nor less than needed. Also, a superior or high quality human being which I am, without any efforts always chooses to eat the right food. If you are a Hugh quality human being, clean up your diet, junk suits only shitty people.

3. Stress Management

Stress is caused by emotions. And emotions need to be released via body as I have declared in the previous newsletter (if you missed that read it here) So to manage my stress I either workout/yoga/stretching or journal. Working out releases stress physically and journalling does the same thing, instead it uses verbal energy to diffuse stress. This also increases motivation levels, energy, cognitive abilities and happiness.

By keeping my body healthy I can double or maybe triple the abilities of my mind. That’s what I want. I want to become the best version of myself.

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And a key note, health and fitness are different so don’t get me wrong.

Boom! Today I knocked down 1 more thing that made me feel like shit. What steps are you taking to turn your shit into sugar? Share with me in the comments below!

if you missed the previous parts of turning shit into sugar, you can read here:



Take this wisdom and Optimize your life today.

Have a Badass Day

Suggested: How to release emotions in a healthy way


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