Emotional vs Rational Thinking | Advises from my mentors

CAUTION: This article may take a little while for you to read but in the end you’d be glad that you did read it.

Like I said in the previous newsletter (read it here: why you feel like shit) I will be sharing with you my experiences & wisdom that I gain while turning shit into sugar.

Today’s wisdom is really really POWERFUL and you won’t believe like me how I realized it because it kinda absurd. One of the things that was making me feel like shit was ambivalence. I’ve been dealing with it from a long time. Fortunately, yesterday’s DREAM at night unlocked some wisdom for me. Here is how it went..

In the dream I met a few virtual mentors of mine (Tony Robbins, Elliot Hulse & Jason Capital) who guided me through this problem.

The scene was projected like we were sitting in a conference room, I had paid 5000 rupees for that 1 hour session. And all the three were listening to my problems and then gave me some advice but not the exact solution to solve them.

That kind of dream was unexpected but eventually turned out to be useful. As soon as I woke up, I started writing all the important points that the mentors gave me in the dream, in my phone’s notepad and I am going to share those advises with you now!
But I wanna tell you a secret first and that is DREAMS ARE THE REFLECTION OF OUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND. As said by the father of Psychology Sigmund Freud. And every single character (living being/ non-living being) is nobody but the dreamer’s own self and various aspects of his personality and emotional states. (Recommend, read about dream interpretations)
That’s dope! It means that the 3 mentors were nobody else than me myself who was guiding me through the challenges of life!

BOOOOM!!! Isn’t that something super cool!?! Haha.. It may sound foolish to you.. But it’s not. The truth remains, it’s proven many times in studies. So the advises,

1. Rational thinking over emotional thinking

When there is internal conflict of what to choose over which, then always go for what seems right with rational or logical thinking. I found this advice in the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, which was out of my consciousness until now. You see, the things I already know but had forgotten came up in my dream.
So why do you choose which is right based on rational thinking and not emotional thinking (feelings) ?

2. Emotional thinking is biased with Pleasure & Pain

If you make a hard decision with emotional thinking then that decision won’t be prolly right because you would either be avoiding pain or seeking pleasure by making that decision. Hence, it does not remain about solving the problem but of making it a pleasurable experience to yourself. Next time you are experiencing ambivalence go for logical thinking.
But let me warn you EMOTIONAL THINKING IS VERY SEDUCTIVE and so often people put their leg in the wrong place. Don’t be a victim. But why is emotional thinking seductive?

3. Emotions carry energy

E-motions are nothing but energy in motion. So when you think emotionally, energy circulates in your body making you feel certain things and also your brain releases various chemicals that gives you a “high” kind of feeling or simply gives you a roller coaster ride. This stimulation is what every human being craves for. Emotional thinking engages and satisfies your physical body. And so we get obsessed or fantasise so much that we forget the logical or practical reality of life.

These were the BADASS ADVISES I got from myself in the dream yesterday. I have an exercise for you to do, which was again given by me to myself in the dream.

Make 2 colums in your journal, in first column write Logic & in the second write Heart. Now if you have a ambivalence problem write down at least 5 consequences that would take place of you took decision and action from logic or heart.

Do this, it’s powerful. So that is it. This is my today’s philosophy. I want to hear your thoughts on this. Comment down below if you have something interesting to say.

And finally to make sure that you keep receiving the wisdom and updates to stay on track with me on this journey of turning shit into sugar enter your email address here.

I’ll see you soon..


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