Reasons you feel like shit!

Be honest. No matter how much you know yourself, how much you have advanced in spiritual part of you life or how much better you’ve become, there will come a time when you’ll feel like shit.

I am a firm believer of detachment and stoicism. I practice it daily as well. But there is not perfect standard of these principles, it’s a marathon which never ends. You just keep going, making progress.

(Read advice from an ancient stoic – Seneca)

That made me think that even Dalai Lama or Sadhguru will have days when they feel depressed. But they don’t admit it, maybe. That’s okay we are all humans, shit can affect us.

So yesterday night, I started journalling about the reasons that were responsible to make me feel like shit. I to my surprise I came up with 20 of them. Wow! I wasn’t aware of them consciously..

I ain’t sharing them with you because obviously it’s PRIVATE. However, I can expose a little and so I am going to share a few that I think can be your reasons to feel like shit as well that you might have failed to catch up with. let’s see what they are..

1. Not getting enough time to do the things I like and want to do.

2. Mind continuously running with unnecessary thoughts a.k.a obsessive thinking.

3. Lack of intrinsically pulling goals and challenges.

4. Slow, unsatisfactory progress and improvements in life & work.

5. Dullness, Pressure, Stress & Unhealthy energy in body

I have contemplated upon each and was able to chalk out a few solutions to them that I will be taking action on from today on. Of course on the way, I’ll modify accordingly to turn my shit into sugar, have a breakthrough and feel amazing again.

Again, I’ll share the experiences, wisdom and psychological insights + hacks with you that can help you optimize your life. So stick on, I’ll see you with the next newsletter (signup for VIP newsletters). But before I go read this:

Today’s lesson: Journalling is a great way to empty your mind, attend your inner voice, contemplate on issues and conflicts, derive solutions to them, get inspired again, feel relaxed and reflect on your life that will nourish your soul.

Buy a journal and start scribbling your thoughts in it. Benefits are endless, good for you if you do it, maybe not daily but at least weekly.


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