Free eBooks Give away

I am giving away 4 of my eBooks, all for free!!

These books were distributed among the VIP Members of my team. But now, I give you this opportunity too..

eBooks Details:

1. Craftsmanship: Traits of extraordinary craftsman in mankind’s history. What made Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and all the other great men, soo exceptional? I give you the 12 specific traits of these people which can be developed by you as well. That’s Badass.

2. Relationship Psychology: The 3 biggest factors that make, break or optimize relationships. When I was 14 my parents got divorced. I wanted to know what made the marriages dysfunctional or highly successful? I contemplated, observed and came up with these 3 major and atleast 10 minor factors under each that decide the future of any relationship. Damn!

3. 18 Paradigm frob to Manipulate your destiny. This book of mine earned crazy testimonials. What if you could seduce, influence, persuade the people and the universe to get what you want? Sounds impossible? Not really. I do this everyday – Manipulate my Destiny. I share with you the 18 Mindsets that you MUST develop to become the GOD of Your destiny. That gave me goosebumps!

4. Self Mastery: A step by step guide to become world class in any activity. I have deconstructed the “mastery” label in few steps. If you do that right, no one can stop you from becoming the “unbeatable & unstoppable”.

So what are you waiting for now?

Signup here and receive these 4 eBooks for free!



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