Why you must become good looking

Many times I have come across extremely beautiful people, God made them “just perfect.” I would be fascinated by how gorgeous/handsome they would look. But one fine day, while daydreaming.. (I fantasize a lot) I happen to find something interesting and that was..

The people I found to be physically beautiful/handsome and attractive, I  would naturally associated all the good qualities like charm, skills, capabilities, leadership, friendliness, intelligence, funny, etc to them even if they didn’t actually posses it.

I thought that this pretty girl would be really smart, special and good in communication skills.. But when I talked to her, it was a complete turn off!

I bet you too have come across such a situation in life..

But what if you could take advantage of this mysterious thing floating around in the space.. That these “good looking” people carry around in their aura?

Consider becoming beautiful.. It has many advantages and I talk about the science behind it here : https://youtu.be/lm9tDJtjQng 

And also don’t be easily impressed by external beauty, keep it between you and me.

Watch that video.

Take this wisdom and Optimize your life today. 

Have a Badass Day


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