How your values show in difficult times

Couple of days ago a friend of mine told me this funny yet interesting story of a beggar who had gone mentally deranged due to some unknown reasons in his past.

The interesting part is his behavior.

Everyday that man would go from shop to shop to gather some money. That’s what all beggars do. But he is different. His clothes are filthy, torn and disgusting but that man always “tucks in” in his shirt and wears “a belt” to support his pant. 

After collecting his daily “wages” a.k.a. begged money he would save ₹10 everyday to get his worn “shoes polished ” even at the cost of sleeping hungry.

But that’s not enough, every day he pulls out newspapers from the trash and reads the damn news aloud. Everyday. In fluent english.

The man maybe a beggar because of his mental disability but his behaviour and attitude is of a king! He doesn’t give a shit about anything and when he walks down the street, he walks like the king.

That’s funny.

Now I want to share an insight from this story, from a psychological perspective..


Who you are as person (your values) is constantly being projected to the world which is called self concept.

You might have heard the quote “money makes a man more of who he really is”

That’s true.
If you think that you can fool the world by projecting a false self image of yourself then my handsome friend you are mistaken. YOU CANNOT HIDE WHO YOU TRULY ARE NOR CAN THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE.

So what can you do about it?

The answer to that would be define your core values and live them. Savor them, and it will show up to the world in the mist unexpected way.

You have to be something so why not be something good.

But something still remains, how do you actually define, identify and live your value? The “how” part is the most important of all. Don’t worry I’ve got your back, I have in extreme details shared my ideas and insights of this in may latest eBook which is called the 18 Paradigm Frob. In that eBook 1 chapter is dedicated to this concept solely. You can download and read it here: DOWNLOAD


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