How to make people believe in you?

How to make people believe in everything you wish them to believe in?

I want to introduce you to a psychological concept which is called “Illusory Truth Effect” (Watch the video here)

What you will learn:

  • Make people believe in whatever you want them to believe in about you or the world
  • How your mind is made to believe in fallacy
  • How your relationships are ruined by gossips
  • How you can make people believe in something which is not true (Do not use this, Just understand it so that you cannot be fooled)
  • You can use this effect to reprogram your mind into whatever you want it to be like
  • What makes a lier “great”
  • And much more..

Watch the video here

in as little as 3:03 minutes!  

It is absolute worth to watch this small video and improve your understanding of how the human mind and the world works.

As I always over deliver, here I am pointing out the one thing that you need to install in your mind,

>>> Repetition leads to belief <<<

Note: The application of this phenomenon is wide spread, you can apply this in any context you can think of!

Watch the video here

Take this wisdom and 

Optimize your life today.

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