(Psychology) Never say these 4 words

Do you say these 4 Words?

High-Status people NEVER do, 
and avoid them at all costs. 

I’m about to share those 4 words in
complete detail with you here today
(plus what to say instead), but before
I do… 

Did you read this? 15 signs you are living your life purpose

Now let’s unload this thick round of value:

Have you ever asked someone
“What do you do?”

Common everyday question, right?

Sure is, so STOP SAYING IT.

In fact, if you care about your success
as much as I do, promise yourself that
you will NEVER say those 4 words again.

Listen. The LARGE MAJORITY of human beings practice being low-status, therefore acting like them gets your grouped in with them. 

Remember Key Principle:
Show up like no one else.

If everyone is showing up like a peanut,
you need to arrive as an almond.

Or even a cashew.

(God, cashews are so damn good. Anyway.
Stop diverting my attention to the magnifience
that is a cashew. Back to the newsletter!)

So how do we do this?

Flip all common questions into cold reads. 

“What do you do?” becomes
“You seem like a nurse”…

“Where are you from?” becomes
“You have got to be from the xyz city”..

If you’re in sales, “What’s your current income?”
becomes “I bet you pull down at least $100,000
a year”…

Every time you speak a common question
as a cold read instead, you spike their
perception of you even HIGHER.

Translation: You become even Higher-Status in their eyes,
and begin to experience life at the top of the food chain 
instead of always fighting over leftovers in the middle.

And I talk more about this and some other amazing mindsets (that I command you to install in your life) in my latest eBook, which you must have downloaded by now! If not.. You get it here: http://www.amanva.weebly.com/member 

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