Money buys happiness

Practical Story

Grant Cardone has four thousand sources of income, making over millions of dollars a year! And not forgetting to mention, he started from the scratch.

Travelling in private jets all around the world, staying in different cities every other day, having vacations of 3 months 4 times a year! 

The trick is, you cannot depend upon 1 source of income (job, business, etc) to build “wealth” and live a lavish life of freedom with choices.

Warren Buffett says it something like this “don’t put all your eggs in the same basket, it can fall anytime”

Create multiple streams of income. 1 by 1 of course, over the span of many years and you’ll benefit with the compound effect. Drop by drop, the ocean was created.

Grant Cardone owns 4000 real estates, all of them are commercial and leased. Passive income. No work. Continuous supply of money. Living like a boss. And in addition to that he has several other businesses.

 But how did he do it?

He says, ” learning ” made him do what he did. He learned from top human beings on earth and applied their principles to work. He read all the sales books written till now. He became the mentee of the greatest.

 Investment in learning gives the best returns. So, invest a few minutes in yourself daily and optimize your life with me by understanding the basic psychology of human mind.

I learn from world class people, ceo’s, leaders, entrepreneurs, philosophers, hypnotists, coaches, investors, psychologists, etc and then share their wisdom in less time + simple words through my articles.

The philosophy:

Losers, retards, poor and cowards tell something like this “money doesn’t buy happiness”

Are you kidding with me? They are telling such useless false facts because the truth is that they cannot sell stuff, build wealth, dream big, take action and risk.

It’s not everybody’s “thing”. Building wealth requires courage to face challenges, intelligence to redirect your sources to your vision and leadership to get people to work for you! 

Losers don’t work hard to gain such qualities and then to protect their low conscious, petty mediocre ego, they say such useless things and spend their life hating and staying jealous of rich (successful) people.

You must have financial freedom, to have choices, you experience more, to give more, to help more, to be more.

That was a reminder, that don’t believe such dogmas. Money does buy happiness.

You wanna be living in the clouds, in your heaven, travelling around the world, making things happen, building legacy, helping people, being awesome, loving life, living like a king.

Money is important. It can buy happiness to a degree.

Optimize your life today.


Aman Varma

Psychology Backed, Life Optimization Wisdom is waiting for you..

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