Pain of life optimization or self-actualization

I was so free a few years ago.. I was able to sleep like a child, literally there was nothing going on in my head all the time. I used to live in the present moment. If I was happy, I was happy. If I was sad, I was sad. My mind used to be clear, with less stuff on it. Never over-thought anything. Never contemplated or analysed anything. My mind was an empty vessel but never made noise. That was peace and tranquility. I could see things outside. I lived outside. I was vulnerable. I was carefree, I was not burning with lot of excitement, passion, stuff, interest, curiosity.. thus my mind was cool. Silent. Deep inside.

Then the shit happened. Till today I don’t know if it’s good or not.

Someone made me become better than who I was, intelligent, smart, extreme introverted, observant, mature, analyst, thinker, manlier, improver, responsible, worthy, stoic, curious, imaginative, confident, all the good changes that I have worked on & gained in the meanwhile. He/she also made me (in the process of this critical personal evolution) know more about myself, people, society, cosmic laws and god, to an extend. It made me wiser and thus powerful from inside. My “inner game” has become super strong, my thought process improvement, quality of my thinking improved, ability to manage emotions improved. Made me surround with quality people, to be inspired and passionate about life. To understand the damn minds of people, how they think, behave and act, so that I can read them like an open book.

But this came with side effects like, sleepless nights with nightmares, emotional breakdown at times, chronic stress occasionally, internal mood swings (that I have mastered not to project to others), tiredness, workaholic, judgmental outlook (reading body language, micro expressions, voice tonality, and judging the person) inability to stop thinking & learning, discomfort, mental paralysis, lost of connection with reality, living in fantasies, lack of clear thought, addition to life optimization & learning, addiction to search for wisdom and ignore other areas of life.

It is getting difficult to handle such a 


“compounded effect” of my actions combined for the years to become a man of worth and respect. That’s overwhelming to me now.

I am benefiting a lot with the current lifestyle of me becoming the best version of myself a.k.a. life optimization which includes all the qualities I’ve gained & the side effects I am bearing (as mentioned above) but at the same time I am missing the “child like” light headed


ness, carefree


ness, fun loving & free flowing lifestyle.

This is what I am stuck on. I need a breakthrough to move forward in life. 

But you know what!? I am not going to give up. I will trust myself and keep going. I will be persistent because I love my path. I realize that without challenges nothing can be achieved.

Of-course! The challenges are a bit overwhelming, but they won’t stop me to keep on optimizing my life. 

You too must trust yourself and keep going on your path.

​ Life Optimization a.k.a Self-Actualization is not child’s game, hence not everyone is doing it, but those who do – become extraordinary.

Psychology Backed, Life Optimization Wisdom is waiting for you..

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1. Persuasion: how to get what you want!

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2. 6 Love styles: What kind of lover are you?

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3. 2 predictors of lasting relationship a study done in university of south pacific: 

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4. The Fundamental Attribution Error theory:

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5. Social Psychology & Influence: 

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6. The Halo & the Devil Effect: 

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Investment in learning gives the best returns. So, invest a few minutes in yourself and optimize your life with me by understanding the basic psychology of human mind.

Have a blasting day,
Aman Varma


© Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.


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