How to use Classical Conditioning to become attractive

This is super cool. 

I mean, really cool !!

Only if you can take advantage of this.

Classical conditioning is a behavior-modification technique that gets used and abused in psychology more than almost any other concept. 

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It was first developed and made famous by Ivan Pavlov, a famous Russian physiologist, at the turn of the last century, who conducted a study where, before feeding a dog, he would ring a bell. The dog learned to associate feeding time with the ringing of the bell. Dogs salivate when they’re about to eat, over time, as soon as the dog heard the bell being rung, he knew food was coming and he’d start to salivate – whether food was subsequently offered or not.

This can be used to generate a rapport with somebody – or to destroy it, depending on what you want to do.

I can probably right a 3000 words essay on this.

But I am not doing it. That’s useless.

More wisdom in less time. That’s how I work.

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How you can take advantage of classical conditioning theory to become more likeable, attractive and charming.

You want people to associate you (your presence) with positive emotions only. That means, never deliver bad news (bribe someone else to deliver it but don’t do it by yourself). Never stick around with people when they are experiencing negative emotions. Never, stay away from them. Your presence in a negative situation will be associated as you being the one who brings the bad situations. Just like the bell.

Instead, when people feel happy and cheerful, be around them. Be the first one to deliver a good news. Be the first one to appreciate. Be the first one to congratulate and celebrate with someone.

Be the bell that triggers positive emotions in people and make them salivate for the good time. Whereas in reality you are not doing a thing! Zero effort. 

This is how you can take advantage of psychology to improve your personal value and identity.

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I know that’s a bit misuse of unconscious mind hacks, but we cannot help.


Aman Varma

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