The perfect wife (story)

For years she tried to be the perfect wife.

A perfect mother.

But now, divorced with 2 sons, having gone through another breakup and in despair about her future… she felt as if she failed all.

She was tired of life. .

And in one perfectly normal afternoon, she just found herself writing a note saying…

“I’ve screwed up this life so bad that there’s no place here for me and nothing I can contribute.”

…Like almost all suicide attempts, she went upstairs, sat on her bed, swallowed a whole bunch of pills with some cheap vodka while listening to a Dido CD as she waited to die.

On June 6th of 2007, Debbie Hampton of Greensboro North Carolina… committed suicide.

Or so she thought.

But then…She woke up.

This time on a hospital bed.

Apparently, she’d been found by one of her sons lying lifeless in her bed and was able to call 9-1-1 fast enough to keep her alive…

…But not fast enough to prevent brain damage.

Now, not only was her life miserable, she actually found  a way to make it worse.

(Good grief!)

Quite a grim picture isn’t it?

It’s not surprising though because THIS IS reality.

This is what really happens behind closed doors …when we are at our limits.

Lost a job…lost a loved one…feeling ‘stuck’…

Things that you have no control over yet enough to push you at your wit’s end.

Now don’t let the gloom and doom nature of the story above dampen your hopes of a good life.

That’s not my goal.

Quite the opposite.

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