(video) Subjective Validation or Personal Validation Effect

I am sharing with you the concept “Personal validation effect” from psychology that can help you to distant yourself from toxic, jealous and liars in your surroundings.

This video is of 3:24 minutes and extremely powerful.

Watch in HD & Support my effort here: http://youtu.be/92PpbhWPNok

and that’s not enough! You’ll have to watch the below videos as well to get a broader understanding of human beings.

1. Persuasion: how to get what you want!

Watch here << http://youtu.be/tvQVwivFTAM >>

2. 6 Love styles: What kind of lover are you?

Watch here << http://wp.me/p752tX-Hk >>

3. 2 predictors of lasting relationship a study done in university of south pacific: 

Watch here << http://youtu.be/s084dJC8Cco >>

4. The Fundamental Attribution Error theory:

Watch here << https://youtu.be/ixW1Cp9AXtw >>

5. Social Psychology & Influence: 

Watch here << https://youtu.be/NC3j6aDM2jE >>

Investment in learning gives the best returns. So, invest a few minutes in yourself and optimize your life with me by understanding the basic psychology of human mind.


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