Passion is Poison

I’ve had hard time with unbalanced daily routine just because of one thing.




here is the irony..

Following you passion will make you successful.

But following your passion will also create overwhelming excitement in you, which will create impatience and that’s what will make you fail.

Passion = Excitement = Impatience = Failure (if lacked with perseverance)

In addition to that, passion will also have these negative effects on your life that will make you unsuccessful! Like..

1. Overwhelming Excitement

2. Workaholism

3. Hard time falling asleep

4. Mind on marathon run

5. Emotional distress

6. Overly increased self expectancy

7. Builds up toxicity in the body

8. Ignorance of other facts of life 

9. Increased work time, Decreased productivity

And many more..

But here is the thing, these impacts are positive as well as negative. It totally depends upon the degree of it’s execution and your perspective. That’s why sometimes they are beneficial other times they may backfire!

So what do you do? Follow your passion or not?

It’s a fact of personal preference. I personally would choose passion. Because I have the strength to manage, balance and be detached from both the sides (good/bad)

But passion is only for brave hearts! Because following you passion will make you push your mental & physical capacities that will ultimately exhausted you! That’s pain!

Passion generates painful-excitement which you will get addicted to and thus it will turn into sweet disease that will have counter effects on you, it will make you happy & inspired but will also make you beg for rest and relaxation that you’ll never be able to get!

That’s crazy! 

Decide for yourself if you want to choose passion or not. 

If you want to follow your passion watch the video here where I reveal the dark side of following your passion because it’s not always honey and milk.

And if you choose to neglect your passion then be prepared to live a mediocre life.

Choice is yours. Be smart.

Opportunity for YOU: Ask me your questions & I will film a YouTube video for you specially, providing you with the solution. Questions can relate to any facet of life.

Aman Varma ☺ 

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Aman, your ebook on relationships has completely changed my perspective towards life. Thanks man, your work is awesome! Keep it up! – Pranjal

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Aman, Let me tell you, your eBook (Craftsmanship) was something real. It included some points that made a person master in his craft which is not frequently talked about. Your ebook is different. It’s broad and really informative. – Thejus

All my queries were listened very calmly by him. His profound study and professionalism was impressing and make a way for me. Just with a discussion of an hour I was out of all my problems. He has answers for all your problems. He helps changing your perception towards life and most probably yourself. He is soo friendly in nature that I never thought I am talking to a stranger for the first time. I am so happy now that I never felt like I had been in any silly issues at all. – Suvidha

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