Realization: Growth Cycle

Yo 😉

Welcome what arrives. Savour it’s presence. When It’s time, let it go. Learn the lessons and grow. Flow like water. Be excited for what’s next?

We have come here to learn some lessons, to grow and realize the ultimate truth. That’s the end of life, I guess…

Another realization that has made me 

grow instantly today!

I have been dealing with this for years now, but finally I’ve the “ahh.. Ohh.. Yes” moment.

Here is what I’ve realized..

But the funny part is that I had known this before also but it didn’t work the way it worked today, that’s why I’ve said – realisation, even you may already know what I will tell you in this mail but I am sure you won’t truly understand it unless you have realized it like me.

I have realised that when the time’s destined, people will come into your life & when the time’s over, people leave. The person who loves you today may not love you 3 months from now, because the time’s over. Everything will come, stay and leave when it’s time. Everything comes, stays and leaves to teach us something, to make us grow.

Here is the problem, even though I am a non-needy, detached and stoic kind of person I was trapped in this delusion. The fact is, I was being needy in meta-delusion with the fact that I wanted attention, I wanted love and I wanted emotional nurture. That’s something new to me, that has open a new conscious level for me!

But anyways I won’t tell you the background, here is the moral, the lesson..

Become nonresistant. Don’t resist what comes in, stays or goes out. Everything (people/events/things) has a time period according to which they will come to us and go away from us for the sole reason for us to learn and grow. It is indirectly related to the law of cause and effect (off-topic). You have to do only one thing and that is savor the fluctuations of life. Try to pull out the lessons from your surrounding and grow from it.

Everything comes, stays, goes away from you in your life only to teach you a lesson. And when you’ve learned/realized that lesson it’s a wonderful feeling! You explode and feel very pleasant about life.

Don’t resist anything, accept everything (good/bad) and keep flowing like a water.

Opportunity for YOU: Ask me your questions & I will film a YouTube video for you specially, providing you with the solution. Questions can relate to any facet of life.

Aman Varma ☺ 

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Aman, your ebook on relationships has completely changed my perspective towards life. Thanks man, your work is awesome! Keep it up! – Pranjal

It is said that, ‘To know what you are born to do, you need to get answers from yourself. But one has never told how to do the same, but this blog and the man behind the same has given the way to complete the incomplete’ – Nagesh

Aman, Let me tell you, your eBook (Craftsmanship) was something real. It included some points that made a person master in his craft which is not frequently talked about. Your ebook is different. It’s broad and really informative. – Thejus

All my queries were listened very calmly by him. His profound study and professionalism was impressing and make a way for me. Just with a discussion of an hour I was out of all my problems. He has answers for all your problems. He helps changing your perception towards life and most probably yourself. He is soo friendly in nature that I never thought I am talking to a stranger for the first time. I am so happy now that I never felt like I had been in any silly issues at all. – Suvidha

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