Advice from a stoic seneca

Advice from Stoics. Live according to “the nature’s laws”​ 

It is man’s duty to live in conformity with the divine will, and this means, firstly, bringing his life into line with ‘nature’s laws’, and secondly, resigning himself completely and uncomplainingly to whatever fate may send him. Only by living thus, and not setting too high a value on things which can at any moment be taken away from him, can he discover that true, unshakeable peace and contentment to which ambition, luxury and above all avarice are among the greatest obstacles.

​ – Seneca​

Currently I am reading the book “Letters from a Stoic by Seneca” who is a well known Roman philosopher & a teacher.

In the book, he mentions that the only way to live a fulfilling life and be truly happy irrespective of the thoughts, people & events is by following “THE NATURE’S LAWS”

That’s a powerful advice.

But “The nature’s laws” are not very clear to me & many people around the world yet. So I started reading more on identifying the precise meaning of “the nature’s laws” and I found a few words that were repeated continuously by many other philosophers which collectively defined “the nature’s laws”

​So, I am sharing this wisdom with you, today.. right here..

The nature’s laws include,

  1. living a virtuous life
  2. honor & integrity
  3. discipline
  4. non-judgemental & detachment
  5. continuous self improvement
  6. contribution to society
  7. ​mastery over mind & emotions
  8. exploration & learning
  9. biological laws of human beings
  10. cosmic laws

​The stoics are trying to tell us to obey the basic principles of nature, when we do that there’s nothing that can destroy our well being. ​

​That’s very simple and obvious advice and so we often forget to follow them because they seem to be so simple that we decrease its importance. But the above list is just the tip of the mountain. there are over 1000s of nature’s laws that need to be obeyed to make a life worth living.

Yesterday, somehow I had this realisation that “nature’s laws” can be known only when we know about ourselves.​ It just dawned upon me and that my friend is 100% true.


The more you know about yourself the closer you get to the ultimate truth, of course I haven’t realised the ultimate truth but I can see it and support my statement with the people who have realised it.

​This is common sense, if you know who you truly are then how can not you excel and experience this life’s fluctuations easily?​

​Note: this is not limited to what you have learned called “SWOT analysis”. Let me tell you SWOT ANALYSIS IS SHIT. Not even a 1000 miles close to what the stoics are trying to say. 

The introspection is real, hardcore. Believe me, the more you know who you are, the more clear picture you have of your true self the better your life will get.​

​That’s all for today.


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Have a blasting day


Aman Varma


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