Stupid relationship myth

If your “better-half“.. Oops! Let me correct..

The word ‘better-half’ is stupidity, the person who coined this word, Mr. Horace a roman poet must be a complete fantasy idiot & should be given a 100 & half slashes for such a terrible mistake 😜 – he didn’t understand the song of love birds, he must be choked with floods of emotions until he became a schizophrenic. Not kidding πŸ˜‚ how can anyone be 1/2?. Committing in a relationship to make yourself a complete-whole by someone else joining you, who is a half in itself, is a terrible mistake.

Makes sense right? you have to be full by yourself first before engaging in a relationship. We are not here to mend two broken hearts, but to bind two souls who are complete and can support each other. Half’s cannot do that!

So, Mr/Mrs. better-full I wanna tell you something. There is a catastrophic mythspread around by our heedless society that is responsible for injuring relationships. The myth is “Be 100% transparent with your better full & reveal all your secrets”

Let me break this myth today.

I believe it is foolish to expect 100% transparency & self revelation from your partner in relationships.

Come on! We are so absurd that we hide our true perception even from ourselves for the fear of self-intimidation & that we may come to know, face to face, for who we truly are! God! Our true identity will be exposed by us to us & we don’t like that! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That’s ridiculous fact ignored by us.

We all have privacy needs, thus we keep secrets. Forcing your partner to tell you everything about their life & secrets is no less than physical rape. Its-Mental-Rape.It’s absolutely correct & wise decision to keep extreme private secrets from your partner. We need & deserve privacy and the other person should respect that. Nor does anyone has any on-paper right to have complete control over their partner’s living. Trust & faith? it is whole another facet, depends upon how wise a person is.

Both must be independently-interdependent {mark my words, read them again & understand it – independently-interdependent}, rather than dependent upon the other and making him/her feel you as a burden. Love in relationship should not be 50-50, but a 100-100 from both the individuals, That’s the foundational step most people forget to build. A 100% & not mere 50% efforts from both the birds is what makes a relationship thrive.

Love won’t work if we don’t try. Love is efforts.

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Aman, your ebook on relationships has completely changed my perspective towards life. Thanks man, your work is awesome! Keep it up! – Pranjal

It is said that, ‘To know what you are born to do, you need to get answers from yourself. But one has never told how to do the same, but this blog and the man behind the same has given the way to complete the incomplete’ – Nagesh

Aman, Let me tell you, your eBook (Craftsmanship) was something real. It included some points that made a person master in his craft which is not frequently talked about. Your ebook is different. It’s broad and really informative. – Thejus

All my queries were listened very calmly by him. His profound study and professionalism was impressing and make a way for me. Just with a discussion of an hour I was out of all my problems. He has answers for all your problems. He helps changing your perception towards life and most probably yourself. He is soo friendly in nature that I never thought I am talking to a stranger for the first time. I am so happy now that I never felt like I had been in any silly issues at all. – Suvidha

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