Hate and love the same person?

Hate & love the same person? Confused a little? Disturbed a little? Mixed feelings for the same person?

Not anymore. I’ve struggled with this, finally cracked this psycho-emotional mingle.

Let me tell you if you think you hate & love the same person, then that is not true.

It’s not the case. The fact is that you love that person but hate his behavior/attitude which gets in the way of your ego to be satisfied.

That’s a whole lot of wisdom soaked in that one line. Beleive me. I’ve experienced it. I’ve said it.

So how do you deal with such a situation?

To be exact, ditch your ego. Understand that your ego is playing games and messing up your with your intelligence & emotions. You are doing the things just to satisfy your ego.

You are being needy here. You are expecting things from that person. You are decreasing your vibes to “scarcity mode” and that is why you get jealous if that person pays more attention to the other person, if he/she neglects you and doesn’t meet your expectations or any behavior of his/her that doesn’t fit your perspective frame.

Remember, your ego destroys your peace of mind by messing up with your emotions & intelligence.

🎯 My Mission:
I want to introduce life optimizing wisdom to 1 billion people so that they can master every area of their life and manifest their biggest dreams. I am talking about life mastery. stick with me and I’ll give you the hidden wisdom.

Aman Varma


Aman Varma Research Intl. 
Nasik, MH, IND | +91 7769000161


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