Generate massive revenue

You’ve been planning to visit Taj Mahal from 1 year but still didn’t execute the plan!

Why? Because there is no sense of urgency here. Right?

But what if the Taj Mahal is going to be demolished in 1 week, this is the last week for entire humanity to see the monument, after that no one will ever be able to see it. Now? Your sense of urgency increase and therefore you are more likely to visit the Taj Mahal. You will start taking action (ticket bookings, stay arrangements, etc)

You see? Unless you have a sense of urgency (deadline) for any task you are most likely to procrastinate and postpone your actions on that task.

The best way to produce massive results, fast, is by creating a sense of urgency.

Take Jio for example, they created a sense of urgency in customers for their Jio Prime Membership and therefore they were able to collect such massive revenue in a single day. Suppose they had given the option to convert to Jio Prime at any point in life, then it’s value would decrease, with decrease in revenue as well.

We want what is scarce. We want what we cant have. We are more likely to do things with deadlines. We do what is priority.

🎯 My Mission:
I want to introduce life optimizing wisdom to 1 billion people so that they can master every area of their life and manifest their biggest dreams. I am talking about life mastery. stick with me and I’ll give you the hidden wisdom.

Aman Varma

Aman Varma Research Intl. 
Nasik, MH, IND | +91 7769000161


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