People pray, but don’t work for it !


People want to be successful. People pray for it.

This is so ridiculous and stupid that people want to be successful but are too lazy to do what is required to be successful.

Apply your common sense for a second. Can you talk to someone without opening you mouth? Can you take a shower without water? Can you fill you stomach without food? Can you quench your thirst without water? Can you become successful without learning? Can you solve your problems without wisdom? Can you manifest your reality without taking action? Can you build business without networking & marketing?

You get it? What I am trying to say? There are fundamentals for everything. There is wisdom, knowledge & skills for everything, that you need to enroll yourself in and invest your time in.

But the funny part is “People pray for success and not for wisdom” 

I feel petty for it, this is ridiculous. This is stupidity. Most of them are doing the same thing.

Learning every moment is difficult. Watching funny videos for hours is easy. And that is why majority of people live a funny life and make a cartoon of themselves and afterwards complain why god doesn’t support them to get their desired life manifested.

God helps those who help themselves. Statement realised.

Aman Varma,

Take action.


🎯 My Mission:
I want to introduce life optimizing wisdom to 1 billion people so that they can master every area of their life and manifest their biggest dreams. I am talking about life mastery. stick with me and I’ll give you the hidden wisdom.

Aman Varma

Aman Varma Research Intl. 
Nasik, MH, IND | +91 7769000161


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