Independency is power.


Independency is power.

To say it in one line, stand on your own feet and stand high.

The moment you become dependent upon someone else for your living & survival is the moment you lose self respect and power.

Be independent. Be free. Become successful. Become legendary so that you have the power of your life, in your hands. Being a person who can stand on his own feet, takes all the power of choice, decision, lifestyle, comfort and freedom.

What is the use of you living a life which is not on your own terms? Where you cannot do what you desire to do? Where you are living a poor lifestyle? Where everything around you is just a compromise? Where are the slave to the person you are dependent upon.

I’ll end with this.

 I’ve realized that..

• freedom of expression, 

• freedom of choice,

• power to get what you desire,

• Respect & Self esteem,

• And living the life on your personal terms, resources & dependency, 

are the critical factors to be happy and thrive in the society.

Aman Varma

Aman Varma Research Intl. 

Nasik, MH, IND | +91 7769000161

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