3 steps to happiness


Aman Varma here, it’s good to see you today here with me.

I am gonna introduce you to my 3 step process that will help you to reset your mental state to default setting a.k.a allowing yourself to be happy all the time.

Let’s begin..

1. Physiology

Your physiology affects your psychology. See how you carry yourself most of the time. Next time you are feeling pathetic, be aware of your body and your facial gestures. You will find that your body becomes stiff which sends a message to your brain to release all the stress harmones. If your body is not energetic your mood will not be energetic for sure. 

So, how can you assure good physiology all the time? 


  • Exercise atleast 3 times a week.
  • Practice confident body language.
  • Eat good to feel good.
  • Maybe dance a little.
  • Give your body a quick shake.

2. Focus

Focus on your path. Know exactly where you want to go and what you want your life to look like. How you want to experience your life. What emotions are you willing to experience the most?

When you have a clear picture for your life and you are walking on that path then, everything around you which is not supporting you in any way to progress on that path will be ignored by your conscious mind decreasing there value to zero which will create detachment (incl. No expectations and love as they are the by-products) from worthless matters, peoples and ideas. 80% of the extrenal things that are responsible to your misery will be gone in a sec. Hence, you will be left with less bullshit to deal with, more time to focus your energy & emotional labour on things that Hmm matter to you and as a result you will be happy, by default!

3. Consciousness

Your default setting will change to happiness when you will take conscious efforts everyday to choose happiness and ignore misery because you want to experience happiness. It is your priority. You have to remind yourself every moment, especially at the times when the situations arive to mess you up. This way you will generate your own happiness!


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