The lost prosperity secrets of Napoleon Hill

Name: The lost prosperity secrets of Napoleon Hill

Subtitle: Groundbreaking keys to permanent prosperity from the master of motivation.

Editor: Patricia G. Horan

Pages: 218 

©2009, JMW Group Inc, New York.

Note by Aman Varma.

Chapter 1: Learn how to use the wonderful mind of yours

In this chapter the author introduces us to the amazing powers of the human mind. The below 2 paragraphs best describe this chapter in essence.

Any thoughts held constantly in mind the mind, or any thought dwelt upon through concentration and brought into consious mind, often attracts to it those qualities of the human mind that it resembles the most. Such thoughts must sooner or later seek release through physical action.

Every living thing that is neither nourished nor used must die, and this applies to the qualities of the human mind as well. The only way to develop any quality of the mind is to concentrate upon, think about it, and use it. Evil tendencies of the mind can be blotted out by starving them to death through disuse!

Chapter 2: Creating the rich vibration of success

In this chapter, author gives us an idea of what success means to him.

He says, success is the sum total of one’s acts and thoughts that have, in account of their positive, constructive nature, brought happiness and good cheer to the majority of one’s associates in the past and those in the coming years.

Success is failure if it does not bring joy, happiness and contentment to you and the people in your life or the humanity itself.

Pleasure comes from doing and not from acquiring! This is a lesson that some people seem never to learn, but it is a truth nevertheless.

“The difference between the two men exists merely in thr viewpoint. One believes in himself and the other does not.”

“The world never defeats you until you defeat yourself”

Chapter 3: 16 Rungs on the magic ladder to success

In this chapter the author introduces us to a magic ladder of success which has the below 16 rungs.

The objective of this ladder is to show what human power is, and how it is developed in those who do not possess it.

Human power comes only through organized knowledge intelligently directed. Facts within themselves do not represent power. Knowledge, unorganized and without intelligent control and direction, does not represent power.

There are 2 kinds of human power. One is represented by the organization of individual faculties, which gives increased power to the individual. The second is represented by the organization of individuals and the group of individuals (mastermind group).

The 16 rungs of the ladder:

1. A definite aim in life:

The main reason why the overwhelming largr percentage of people belong to the class of followers was a lack of definite purpose and a definite plan for carrying out that purpose. Make up your mind now what you wish to do in life, then formulate your plans and commence doing it.

2. Self confidence

It would hardly be worthwhile to create a definite aim in life or a plan for attaining it unless one possessed the self confidence with which to put the plan into action and achieve the aim.

3. Intitiative

Initiative is that very rare quality that impels a person to do what ought to be done without being told to do it. Gloden opportunities are lurking at every corner, waiting for the person with initiative to come along and discover them.

4. Imagination

The limits to which a person of ordinary ability can attain, throught the use of initiative and imagination, no person can define.

5. Action

Stored away knowledge is worthless. It benefits no one until it has been expressed in terms of action.

6. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm usually arouses one to action and therefore should be closely associated with it. Enthusiasm usually develops automatically, when people find the work for which they are best fitted; the work they like best.

7. Self control

Lack of self control leads to fault-finding. Finding fault with people is undoubtedly the most unprofitable business one ever engages in. It makes enemies and demoralizes the spirit of happiness. Self mastery is the first stepping stone to real achievement.

8. The habit of performing more work and better work than you are paid for.

I do not believe it is possible for anyone to rise above mediocrity without developing this habit of performing more service and better service than is actually paid for in dollars and cents. The person who makes it a habit to do this is usually regarded as a leader.

9. An attractive personality

An attractive personality maybe described as one that draws people to you and cause them to find companionship and harmony in your company, while an unattractive personality is one that causes people to want to get as far away as possible.

10. Accurate thought

Know what you want, know what you don’t want. Stick to it.

11. Concentration

It is the process of focusing the powers of thought upon a given subject until the mind has analyzed that subject and spearated it into components parts, then reassembled it again into a definite plan.

12. Persistence

Persistence is the quality that causes you to arise, when once you have been knocked down by temporary failure, and to continue your pursuit of a given desire or object. It is the quality that gives you courage and faith to keep on trying in the face of any and all obstacles that may confront you.

13. Failures

In every failure there is a great and lasting lesson, if one will only analyze, think, and profit by it. Failure develops tolerance.

14. Tolerance and Sympathy

Intolerance and lack of harmonius effort towrad a common end has always left the door open, so that a few who understood the power that comes from organized effort might step right in and ride the backs of the disorganized and the intolerant.

15. Work

Nothing may live that is not used. The qualities outlined in this ladder are yours in return for just one price, and that price is WORK – persistent & never ceasing work.

16. The Golden Rule

We must act toward others as we wish otgers to act towards us; that we must do unto them as we wish to be done unto us; that we must give in thoughts, actions, and deeds that which we are willing to receive from others.

Chapter 4: Why some people succeed: one secret.

If I had to summarize this chapter in 3 words it would be – STICK WITH IT.

It is simply the habit of completing everything one begins, first learned what to begin and what not to begin.

You cannot possibly succeed in any undertaking, whether it is large or small, important or otherwise, if you merely think of what you would like to accomplish and then sit down and wait for the thing to materialize without patient, painstaking effort.

Adopt a DEFINITE pland and then STICK to it to the END.

It is not the person who merely starts a thing who succeeds. It is the person who starts and who finishes inspite of hell!

Find what you love to do, put in all your mental energy, stick with it till end. Simple.

Chapter 5: My life’s seven turning points.

My method of rendering service is greater in quality and quantity than that for which I was paid was so unusual that it attracted attention and I profited by contrast with those who had not learned the secret.

At any rate I seemed to have a clear track ahead.

There is a great lesson in every failure, whether we learn what it is or not.

The strength and growth comes only through struggle.

Time is the friend of all who base their thoughts and actions on truth and justice, and that it is mortal enemy of all who fail to do so, even though the penalty or the reward is often slow in arriving where it is due.

The only pot of gold worth striving for is that which comes from the satisfaction of knowing that one’s efforts are bringing happiness to others.

Those who were unjust and who tried to destroy me were cut down by failure. I have lived to see every one of them reduced to failure far beyond anything that they planned for me.

To listen for the ringing of the bell (intuition) that guides me when I come to the crossroads of doubt and hesitancy. I have learned to tap a heretofore unknown source from which I get my promptings when I wish to know which way to turn and what to do. These promptings have never led me in the wrong direction and I am confident they never will.

Chapter 6: How self-confidence lifted a man in 4 days

You will begin to see the importance of developing self confidence when you stop to realize that neither of these teo chief objects (happiness & material wealth) of life can be achieved without it.

The one and only person in the world whose efforts can make you supremely happy under all circumstances, and through whose labour you can accumulate all the material that you can use legitimately, is yourself.

Remeber this as my parting shot to you – that you can be anything that you deeply and emotionally desire to be.

Strong, deeply seated desire is the beginning of all human achievement – it is seed, the germ from which all our accomplishments spring.

Chapter 7: The miraculous art of auto-suggestion

Search diligently until you find the particular work to which you wish to devote your life, taking care to see that you select work that will profit all who are affected by your activites. After you have decided what your life work is to be, write out a clear statement about it and then commit it to memory.

Bear in mind that your brain is literally a magnet, and that it will attract to you other people who harmonize, in thought and in ideals, with those thoughts dominating your mind and those ideals most deeply seated in you. Like attracts like, a fact that is indisputable.

You can choose whatever holds attention of your mind, therefore, you can control the development of your character of people you will attract to you. Your mind is the magnet which attracts associates to you, the station in life you hold. Therefore, it is within your province to magnetize that mind only with your thoughts that will attract the sort of people with whom you wish to associat and the station in which you are willing to attain.

Desire is the very beginning of mind operation. You can create in the physical reality practically anything you can desire with deep, vitalized emotion.

By Aman Varma

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