192 Psychological Manipulation Tactics


Don’t use these techniques for wrong influence and seductive manipulation at the cost of personal damage. Be very careful while using these techniques for your advantage.

  1. Never
    show people that you are upset, for it makes you appear weak. Social Justice
    Warriors take notice!
  2. If someone makes a joke at your expenses, pretend that you
    didn’t hear it, while looking straight into his eyes. A joke that has to be
    explained or repeated loses its’ sting.
  3. Utilise the Law of Reciprocity (By Robert Cialdini): People will feel
    obligated do a favour for you in return for your gift/kindness/favour.
  4. Attractiveness affects how we are treated. Multiple studies have
    found that clean shaven, well-dressed men are treated more favourably by
  5. Learn to use fallacies, cognitive biases and dissonance to your
  6. If you want to gain access into a person’s life, especially of
    one of the opposite sex, use subtle flattery. Overt flattery will most likely
    be too obivous and have a reverse effect.
  7. Whenever possible try to assume the role of the father (to
    women) or brother (to men). People will easily submit their trust to you.
  8. The basis of authority? Body language, clothing style, financial
    resources, likeability/charm and intelligence. Combine them to lay the
    groundwork for all the other psychological manipulation techniques.
  9. The Deference Principle: People will trust you and follow your
    instructions if you appear to be a person of authority.
  10. Walk like a King to be treated like one. If you act like and
    appear to be in a position of power, you will soon find yourself in one.
  11. Use the Door in the Face technique. Make an enormous request
    when asking for funding of his expedition) without the intention of having
    anyone accept the unrealistic offer. If you follow up with a small request
    afterwards, you are much more likely to have your request granted. Avoid making
    too big of a request/demand though because you might run risk of sabotaging the
    whole negotiation with an insulting demand.
  12. Similar to the Foot in the Door technique. Ask them for a small
    favour and if they agree, follow up with a larger request.
  13. If you want people to agree to your request, offer to do a
    little part of it, they are much more likely to agree if they see your good
    will and that you are prepared to put in some effort.
  14. The Placebo Information. Give people any reason using “because”
    in your request. Studies have shown that the compliance can skyrocket,
    when giving any reason for your request. For example: Can you join me at the
    event tonight because I need an escort.
  15. Propaganda masterminds know that repetition is an excellent way
    to convince people of their point of view. The sweet spot for repeating
    something lies between 3-5 times, according to studies. After that diminishing
    returns set in.
  16. Overwhelm people by speaking quickly and overload their brain
    with information or your views. This psychological manipulation techniques may
    both be used offensively as well as defensively.
  17. People love people who like them.
  18. Use positive affirmations. Tell yourself that you like your
    vis-à-vis or that you are not only the greatest, but the double greatest. Our
    subconscious minds affect the way we act and treat people.
  19. People hate people who hate them.
  20. In a conversation always be present, don’t let your mind wander
    but instead show keen interest in the other person. This will make the other
    person like you a lot more.
  21. Whenever you want someone to cooperate, agree with you or want
    them to calm down when angry, stand in a 45° angle to them or next to them.
  22. Standing or sitting in a direct line of a person tricks the
    brain into believing that the vis-à-vis is an enemy. Avoid this in interactions
    where your aim is cooperation.
  23. People will be more likely to do you favors if you make more
    physical, platonic contact with them. Note the word “platonic”. Unless they are
    attracted to you, flirtatious behaviour will make them more aloof. One of the
    highly successful psychological manipulation techniques, frequently used
  24. Be aware of whether a person is a “thinker” or a “feeler” and
    target your message accordingly. Most people though value emotion over
  25. The three elements of every speech or debate? Logos (the
    Content/Argument), Ethos (credibility/authority) and Pathos (means to influence
    his audience or opponent, emotional appeal).
  26. Caffeine increases the situation awareness and alertness.
    Usually a good thing, though it can be used for mental manipulation purposes. A
    person on caffeine is more easily influenced than he would otherwise be. A
    study found out that people are 35% more inclined to agree with you, if they
    are “high” on coffee.
  27. Reversal: People who are tired, are easier to manipulate as
  28. As a woman it is mandatory to never wear too much or too little
    makeup, unless you wish to come across as untrustworthy and unsympathetic.
  29. Ask for a favour at a time most convenient for your target,
    making him less likely to refuse. No brainer, but I still want to empathise the
    need for proper timing.
  30. If you want to manipulate people, alter their mental state. A
    scared, stressed, shocked or anxious person has less inclination to refuse.
    Reason is that they think with their primitive limbic system, which only knows
    black & white, but no shades of grey.
  31. Of course, the modern Machiavelli must not only use mental
    manipulation techniques but must also know how to recognise emotional manipulation,
    to not end up being the one deceived. A stoic mind helps and allows you to
    focus and think rational, making it easy to spot the characteristics of a
    manipulative personality.
  32. Chew gum before or during a stressful situation to trick your
    mind into thinking that there can’t be an immediate danger, because you are
  33. It is possible to manipulate feelings and perceptions based on
    an object someone is touching. Heavy object = thinks more seriously about
    things. Rough object = pessimistic train of thought, bad mood.
  34. Hard chairs make for a hard negotiation. People sitting on them
    are less likely to cooperate.
  35. Women seem men wearing red as attractive and desirable. Men
    wearing blue as more stable, as boyfriend material. White = innocence.
  36. A two-sided argument refuting the opposite argument is more
    persuasive than a one-sided argument. Read the definition 
  37. Light swearing at the beginning or end of a speech, debate, etc
    is often beneficial as it increases the audience’s perception of the speaker’s
  38. What everyone is aiming for: Affiliation, being liked, accuracy
    and a positive self-concept and protection of his ego.
  39. Tell people that they look/are exactly the type of person who
    would do xyz.
  40. Convince them that you are Jesus Christ reborn. Pretend to be
    loved by everyone to create massive social proof.
  41. Never use qualifying words (maybe, probably,…) when trying to
    influence people. Instead, frame your words in a way that makes them sound like
    you are only stating confirmed, definite facts.
  42. How to manipulate people into thinking that you pose no threat?
    Look harmless and pretend to be an innocent sheep while actually being the big
    bad wolf in a sheep’s hide. Perception is reality.
  43. Charles Manson tips on recruiting: Always keep the mood
    positive, tire them out, get attractive people to charm them. Interesting fact:
    his most favourite book, the foundation of his artful psychological
    manipulation techniques is the following book: 
    How to Win Friends & Influence People
  44. Show interest in other people. If you do, people are more likely
    to like you. Ask them questions and focus on making the conversation about
    them, their experiences, dreams and interests.
  45. People gravitate towards those with a strong, flawless
    reputation, even if their gut tells them that someone else, though more
    obscure, is a better leader. Keep this in mind while mentally manipulating
  46. Want to keep people down whose nutrition you can dictate? Keep
    their schedule busy and feed them a sugar-based diet. Useful for prison camp
    directors or people like Fritzl or Priklopil
  47. When dealing with a religious person, swear to god that you are
    telling the truth, when lying.
  48. A person who frequently draws attention to his
    genitals(scratching, adjusting down there. Holding his belt with his thumbs,
    ergo taking a manly stance) values his masculinity. Attacks on his masculinity
    will hurt him much more while he will love to hear compliments about it.
  49. Mirror other people’s body language and actions. Don’t do it
    instantly, because they will catch up on it, but do it with some time delay.
    Attention: People trained in NLP will most likely catch your mirroring
  50. Repeat a person’s name often during a conversation. Not only
    will this help you remember it, it makes him like you more. Don’t overuse it
    and pay attention to how they react. There are some people who hate if their
    name is used in a conversation, hence calibration is important.
  51. Match your speech (speed, use of words, pitch) to your vis-à-vis
    to build rapport
  52. Match your breathing, blinking and walking speed to their.
    In NLP referred to as “mirroring”.
  53. Belief and emotion trumps rationality and logic.
  54. Show, don’t tell. Manipulation is much easier if you base it
    upon tangible things and emotion instead of talk. 
    Win through your actions, never through argument.
  55. Avoid the bright spotlight. The darkness and shadows are your
  56. Give people the illusion of choice. Make them play with the
    cards you deal.
  57. Women who tilt their heads back come across as less feminine,
    chin down = more attractive. Making the orgasm face (think of Marilyn Monroe)
    makes them more attractive, as well as signs of submission like high eyebrows
    or revealing the neck.
  58. Obey your father. This was already written in the bible (I
    believe) and can be used to effectively deliver advice. Say “my father once
    told me, that it is best to do xyz that way”.
  59. Men who tilt their head back are considered more masculine. Men
    who show signs of submission are less attractive.
  60. Calibration is an essential tool of the skilful manipulator.
    Gauge reactions and emotions and adjust accordingly. If you see that you are
    overwhelming someone, slow down.
  61. Different wording can make all the difference in manipulation
    attempts. Spin doctors excel at this and re-word a massive tax increase in a
    way that makes voters agree with it.
  62. It is much easier to make an optimist passionate for something.
    Avoid the toxic & pessimistic people, because they often are harder to fall
    victim to psychological manipulation techniques.
  63. One of the strongest tools to shame someone is to accuse them of
    being creepy. This is a word nobody wants to be associated with.
  64. Emphasise scarcity. People want what they can’t have, or at
    least what might be running short.
  65. Reversal: Abundance. If you come from a place of abundance, are
    known for or appear to not be needing the deal/the girl/the job, you are in a
    favourable position.
  66. Dominance is sexy. Women are more likely to agree with
    something, if they are touched on the arm during the request.
  67. Squeeze people for the last penny. Be bold with your demands.
    Show no mercy because you will not be shown any. If you give someone a finger,
    they will take your whole arm.
  68. Science confirms that strong emotions make people fall in love
    faster. Watch horror movies, rob a bank, go on a roller-coaster ride; create
  69. Want someone to agree with you? Start asking them something you
    know they are going to agree upon, even if unrelated. For example ask a liberal
    person “I hate Hitler, do you like him?”. Follow up with the question or
    request you wish your vis-á-vis to agree upon.
  70. Find out your common interests and strengths and exaggerate
    them, while downplaying or ignoring any differences that may exist between you.
  71. Women who smile are more attractive. Men who smile less
    attractive but if they appear serious, men are more attractive. Attractive
    equals charisma and makes it easier for you to use psychological manipulation
    techniques on your target.
  72. When you asked the buying question, shut your trap. Never make
    the mistake of talking yourself out of a deal.
  73. If you were forced to make an apology, delivered it artfully and
    it was accepted, the same rule applies. Immediately stop apologising lest you
    want to talk yourself out of the apology.
  74. Usually, when your apology has been accepted under protest and
    grumbling, it is best to not apologise again, for you might draw upon you
    resentments waiting to come at you. Giving it a little space and time is the
    preferred course of action here.
  75. Never ever make the mistake to give your target reasons to not
    do what you want them to do. Sounds basic? It is not. Do not talk down your own
  76. People like people who are like them. A narcissistic HR person
    is most likely to hire a narcissistic candidate.
  77. It is human nature to trust their fellow man, hence are
    naturally born naive, susceptible to psychological manipulation techniques. The
    higher up you move on the food chain, the less naive and careless people are.
  78. People who have recently eaten are easier to convince of
    something. Maslow’s Pyramid of needs at work.
  79. Never immediately end a conversation after getting the
    information you need. Ask a couple of inconsequential questions or chat a
    little. Later, when the target tries to remember the conversation, they will
    most likely only recall the last 2 questions.
  80. Human minds best remember the beginning and the end of, well,
    basically everything. A phone call, a job interview, a speech. Use this to your
    advantage (come first/last to a job interview, emphazise important points at
    the beginning/end,…)
  81. Security is often an illusion. Never drop your guard, especially
    not at a business party, never reveal too much.
  82. Never believe a conversation to be confidential.
  83. Whatever you do, pretend like it is getting video taped,
    whatever you say, pretend like it is getting recorded. This is of utmost
    importance if you are a person standing in public focus.
  84. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion
    still. While you may force someone to comply, remember that they will despise
    you for it.
  85. Avoid the direct confrontation when arguing with someone who
    might be a potential ally.
  86. When asking for a favour, it is only beneficial if you ask for
    it in front of the public/other people. If they agree, they look kind, and they
    fear that if they disagree they might look cold.
  87. If you want your target to agree with you, nod while asking the
    question. If you want him to disagree, shake your head.
  88. When asking for a favour, it is beneficial to appear dominant.
    Look them straight into their eyes. Intimidation is an excellent foundation for
    psychological manipulation techniques.
  89. Dominate & intimidate by looking at your vis-à-vis’ forehead
    or hairline. This is going to subconsciously evoke feelings of inferiority and
    insecurity in them.
  90. Speaking of dominance, muscles do help, as well as a bald or
    clean-shaven head have been shown to have a positive effect on your ability to
    follow up with psychological manipulation techniques.
  91. Being thin and therefore having a chiseled jaw makes you appear
    more dominant. A wide chin is a sign of high testosterone.
  92. Don’t overdo it but take a sentence, rephrase it and feed it
    back to them. This gives them the illusion that you are an avid listener and
    interested in them. Also known as “reflective listening”.
  93. Many people enjoy helping, hence, if you have a request, you can
    start by stating that you need their help.
  94. If you see a bum and know that he is going to turn to aggressive
    begging techniques, ask him for money first to utterly confuse him.
  95. If you feel like someone is telling only half the truth, utilise
    the tension of silence and stare at them.
  96. Develop a stare that would make Mussolini proud. Staring someone
    down can be very beneficial during a confrontation.
  97. Keep eye contact but don’t overdo it. People who lie often hold
    strong eye contact, despite popular opinion that they look away. This falls
    under the “silent” psychological manipulation techniques.
  98. Don’t give signs of confirmation all the time while listening.
    Ergo don’t nod all the time or say “mhm/I agree”. This reveals your approval
    seeking agenda.
  99. Flatter, but never flatter too much. Also, be careful when
    people are shy, because they will often resent compliments. Confident
    narcissists can’t get enough of them on the other hand.
  100. Not only observe your target, but also the reactions of their
    friends. Sometimes the friends reveal your targets real thoughts.
  101. Taunt your target into delivering excellent results, but
    questioning his abilities. Enraged people will go out of their way to prove you
    wrong. Use sparingly.
  102. Touching guests, having a cheerful mood, giving them free sweets
    and drawing a smiley on the bill, increases the tips of waiters (and of
  103. Ask questions to throw people off balance. For example, if
    someone is playing well (Poker, Sports, …), ask him what he changed about his
    game because he usually never plays that good.
  104. Using a frame breaker in the form of doing something unexpected
    or asking annoying questions can be used in many other Situations as well.
  105. Arrogant sales people sell more to rich buyers in outlet stores.
    This also applies to real estate. Adapt to your customer and you might even
    find psychological manipulation techniques obsolete in some scenarios.
  106. The illusion of irrevocability says that people will change the
    way they think about something to justify their behaviour. If you gas enough
    people of a particular race/ideology because it is your job, you are guaranteed
    to despise those people.
  107. Never underestimate the importance of a first impression. This
    combined with the halo effect can be either beneficial or catastrophic for you.
  108. Divide & Conquer. Alienate people to make them depend on you or
    to weaken the enemy from within.
  109. People who think that you are a good-for-nothing-asshole are
    going to convince themselves that you indeed are, even if you start handing out
    soup to the homeless and rescue kittens in your free time. People hate being
    wrong and hence will try to convince themselves that their opinion of you was
  110. Be bold, be confident, ask for more rather than less, exaggerate
    your skills and achievements, dress and groom well. The basics of every job
    interview or political speech.
  111. Use reinforcement to manipulate people. Both positive and
    negative as well as intermittent or partial reinforcement.
  112. Use sugar bread & whip, rewards & punishment. Use selective generosity to lower defences.
  113. Enthusiasm is contagious. Always be in a cheerful, positive mood
    and others will start to love you for it. The opposite is also true.
  114. A couple of confidence instilling tricks… the key to
    confidence is walking into a room, and assuming everyone there already likes
    and respects you. Make a habit of smiling at people… smile more and see how
    good you will feel about yourself, in the process you will make others feel
    good, and you will render yourself open to making more friends/associates. When
    alone, try making the biggest smile possible, you’ll automatically feel happier
    and more outgoing. Also, if you start acting like you’re a confident and
    assertive person, people will believe you are indeed that – ‘fake it until you
    make it’.
  115. Read more about a favourable first impression as well as the art
    of forming a smile in my comprehensive summary of
    Law #12 – Use Selective Honesty and Generosity to Disarm your
  116. Get comfortable hiding & holding a knife behind a smile. The
    knife that is not expected cuts deep.
  117. Act like you belong, like you are an authority, and many people
    will not question whether you belong somewhere or have bad intentions.
  118. Writing things by hand improves the retention of the
    information, as students know, but also boost the likelihood of commitment to
    whatever has been written down.
  119. People are lazy and will always try to take a shortcut. Abuse
  120. In the same turn, think twice and hard about accepting a
    seemingly free lunch. Favours often are attempted psychological manipulation
    techniques in a sugarcoat disguise.
  121. “’Cuz when niggers are scared, that’s when white folks are
    safe.” “The only time black folks are safe, is when white folks is disarmed.
    And this letter had the desired effect of disarming white folks.” Quotes
    from The Hateful Eight. Use fear to secure your power.
  122. Avoid filler words whenever possible. Substitute the “ähms” for
    silence and recollect your thoughts.
  123. Anecdotes persuade people better than data does. Anecdotes
    invoke empathy, which triggers emotional reactions that assist in processing
    the data and the feelings. Emotions also trigger the memory centers in the
  124. If I told you that 2 jumbo jets full of people died of smoking,
    and if I told someone else that x number of people die of smoking, who do you
    think would remember?
  125. What does it take to become a Machiavellian strategist? Strong
    manipulation skills as well as excellent analytical cold-reading skills. Hone
  126. If you are a bad liar and people can tell that you lie based on
    a specific tell-tale sign, incorporate this specific action in your everyday
    behaviour. Example, I sometimes swallow when I bluff during Poker, hence I
    swallow all the time (reading this sounds so wrong…)
  127. People love progress and are highly motivated by it. Even small
    victories keep them happy and motivated to continue doing what they are doing.
    Example if your girlfriend tries to change you, give her something and pretend
    that you have changed. You can always revert back to your old ways later on.
    Change a small behaviour to justify a huge, terrible behaviour.
  128. People lie most often on the telephone than they do during writing.
    Writing non-electronically decreases the amount and size of lies even more.
  129. Body language and facial expression can change your mood. Stand
    like a king and you shall feel like a king. Smile and you will feel happier in
    an instant.
  130. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act,
    but a habit. If you play the game of power, you will get better at it.
  131. People often ignore or overlook discrepancies in favour of
    things that are congruent with what they believe to be true. Therefore a prince
    may appear as he wishes to be seen.
  132. Always be nice & polite, until it is time to stop being nice
    & polite.
  133. Depending on your opposite, it can be useful to appear meek,
    humble and non-threatening
  134. Never hold a grudge against another person because it will cloud
    your judgement.
  135. Never fight a battle if you gain nothing by winning.
  136. Thank people often and congratulate them on the choices they
    made. This will reinforce their belief of having made a great decision.
  137. Never believe anyone who constantly tells you what a great
    decision you have made. They are out to get you.
  138. Ask people for their opinions and possibly follow the advice
    they gave you. Thank them later on for the great advice.
  139. The beauty of mob mentality and social proof. Never forget that
    human beings are only a small step above sheep. Social proof and social
    pressure can be your ally.
  140. Wear a cross necklace. Many people believe religious people to
    be good, righteous people.
  141. (Pretend to) be nice to animals. Many people believe animal
    lovers to be good, righteous people.
  142. Want an answer to a question? Instead of asking the question,
    post a wrong answer. People are much more likely to correct you than answer a
  143. Everyone wants to be liked, admired and be right.
  144. Not what you say matters, but how you say it. As well as who
    says it.
  145. People will believe a person they like and defend their
    viewpoint, even if they are unsure of the truth content of said statement.
  146. There is only one radio station people listen to. WII.FM. What’s
    in it for me?
  147. I have a great memory but pretend that I don’t. If I was honest,
    I would rob myself of an excuse.
  148. Plausible deniability is your friend. Use it yourself to avert
    repercussions. Use it on others to make them admit an error, submit information
    or not feel as bad.
  149. Assumption Principle: Assume that the other person agrees with
    your terms. Example “I am going to come to your place and show you how I can
    save you money on your insurance. When is the best time?”
  150. Also assume that everyone loves you, that every word from your
    mouth is golden and that your poop smells like flowers.
  151. Even better is to combine this approach with limited options.
    Make people choose between 20:00 and 21:30.
  152. More on options: never give people too many options. If you do,
    they will feel overwhelmed and do nothing.
  153. Don’t fear rejection, be confident and never ever let anyone
    know that they have power over you, because you fear their rejection.
  154. Gifts randomly given can have a huge positive impact. A gift
    constantly given in a row (3+ times) ceases to be a gift, but becomes an
    obligation instead.
  155. The beginning and the end are remembered. The middle usually
    not. You can apply this law of human nature in various situations.
  156. If you appear to be reluctant to ask for a favour or seem to be
    distressed, people are more likely to help you out.
  157. If a person blinks fast they are usually bored with the
    conversation, but it is also a sign of distress. A relaxed person, or someone
    interested in you/the conversation will blink less.
  158. With chewing gum it is the opposite. A person who enjoys
    something will chew faster. Offering gum to a woman you are trying to seduce
    can be a good move if you want to gauge her interest.
  159. Be clear, concise and bold. Never say “do not hesitate to call
    me, if you like me” instead be bold and say “call me on Monday”
  160. Never RAP with strangers. Don’t talk about Religion, Abortion,
    Politics and other controversial topics.
  161. Be prepared for the unexpected. Make sure to have a Plan B.
  162. If you are in dire need of a flood of motivation, burn down your
    ships and bridges and don’t have a backup plan.
  163. Analyse yourself, assess your strengths and weaknesses. You need
    to know how you look and behave when you are in various situations, for example
    when not telling the truth. Realising something is the first step to recover.
  164. Act dumb, uneducated, naïve or inexperienced. Others will become
    arrogant and prone to mistakes if they underestimate you and believe that every
    psychological manipulation technique used against you was going succeed without
    any resistance.
  165. Be like a social chameleon and adapt to your environment. Think
    as you like but behave like others.
  166. Always keep frame, never lower your mask even for the fraction
    of a second, because if you lose your mask, the mask is lost forever. Keep in
    mind that you must 
    guard your reputation with your life.
  167. Never fight a battle if you don’t gain anything substantial when
    winning. Play through all the possible scenarios in your head, or even better
    on paper, before making a decision.
  168. Master the art of storytelling to charm victims with contagious
  169. Mastery comes through practice. Practice speeches, practice
    persuasion attempts, practice facial expressions in the mirror.
  170. The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his
    temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few
    calculations beforehand. Fortuna loves preparation and the modern Machiavelli
    must pay close attention to his plans
  171. Always have a clear goal in mind and make sure to never shoot
    past the aim.
  172. Analyse your target. Find out as much as possible about his
    strengths and weaknesses. You never know what kind of information can benefit
    you, or be used against him.
  173. It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you
    will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but
    do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your
    enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.
  174. Having much information on your enemy gives you the upper hand.
    Adjust your dealings accordingly and lure them with the bait most suited for
  175. According to the Needs Principle, a person who knows what
    another man needs can easily manipulate him.
  176. Draw attention to something by mentioning it. I am certain that
    you know the “don’t think about an elephant” trick. Use this cognitive loophole
    to manipulate people into thinking about a certain thing. For example, tell
    someone about a house that burned down and then ask him if he has turned down
    the oven.
  177. Make sure you only surround yourself with people beneficial to
    your goal. If you want to look like a sophisticated gentleman, don’t let it
    known that your friends are hooligans. Your company will always fade upon you.
  178. If your target starts raising their voice, tell them that you’ll
    understand them better if they talk calmly. This phrase is provocative because
    everyone wants to be understood in a debate. Same goes for a sudden increase in
  179. Put the con in confidence. Never show weakness or seem hesitant.
    People despise weakness and will see right through your act if you fake it.
  180. Learn from your own mistakes, learn from other’s mistakes,
    amplify their mistakes to gain leverage.
  181. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about the peripheral
    vision. Just because someone isn’t directly looking at you doesn’t mean that he
    doesn’t notice what’s going on. Women have a much better peripheral vision;
    this is the reason they are good at finding stuff in the fridge and their bags.
  182. Make people jump through your hoops. It will make it easier to
    ultimately get them to buy. If they have to make a little effort, they are
    going to value you or your service much more.
  183. people will forget what you said, people will forget what you
    did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
  184. The strong eat the weak. If you push someone, he won’t notice
    you stealing his wallet. If you accuse your opponent of a huge case of
    corruption, people forget that you are accused of being a Nazi.
  185. Learn how to flash an authentic looking fake smile. Smile with
    your eyes, form the smile slowly. Don’t smile for no reason at all, or you will
    be perceived like Forrest Gump.
  186. Use your body language as a tool in the psychological
    manipulation process. Stay tuned for a post on body language hacks and tricks
    to read non-verbal clues.
  187. When going to McDonalds, you don’t have to take their shit in
    silence. If you buy a burger, demand to have it made fresh. If you order Coke,
    drink a chunk of it and then complain that there is not enough gas in the Coke
    and have them change the gas cartridge. Why? Because a man requires constant
    confrontation to not lose his bite. Life is a constant struggle and just like
    you need to lift heavy object to retain or increase muscle mass, you need
    confrontation to be able to regularly and successfully utilize psychological
    manipulation techniques in those situations that really count.
  188. You can never fool 100% of the people 100% of the time, just
    like you can’t force compliance indefinitely.
  189. Question everything, never believe anything without haven given
    it a quick, better yet thorough, think.
  190. If you can’t be 100% certain that someone is telling you the
    truth, better assume that he is lying.
  191. Never sweat the small stuff. Trusting someone’s word is good,
    but rereading the contract or checking the car for small damages is better.
    Remember what Il Duce said: 
    It is good to trust people, but not doing so is much better.
  192. Not only is it important to know your terrain, but you must also
    know your body. Be aware of it, know what is good for him and treat him in a
    royal fashion. Know how you react to various drugs and supplements and whenever
    needed, don’t be hesitant to aid your concentration or relaxation. Know the
    supplements that give you a mental edge over your opponents (read up on

Source: http://modernmachiavelli.com/psychological-manipulation-techniques/


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