How to not give a fuck

“The root of all the sufferings (negative emotions + experiences) is ATTACHMENT.

When I was studying self-actualized people, I found that they had a muscle in their brain, which they had trained and developed at lot. This muscle was the reason why they achieved such great results.

Wondering what this brain muscle is? 

Funny to sound. Strange to believe. Behooveful to cultivate

It is the key (often forgotten) to self actualize and have emotional health at peak. Watch my short video below on how to train this muscle in your brain as well.

Any action that you can take that moves you closer to not giving a fuck about any external thought (meaning all the thoughts that are not your creation) will make you more successful, emotionally grounded and attractive. And the opposite is true as well.

For example, You decide to do something and the people around you tell you a million reasons for why it won’t work, then you’ll have two choices:

1. Giving a fuck a.k.a becoming a small pussy and listening to them

2. Not giving a fuck a.k.a being a man who can stand for himself, think for himself and take charge in life.

Who do you think will be more successful & respected?

But you don’t want to be always going to the “not giving a fuck mode” if you are too cold, you’ll come off as wierd. It’s okay to care a little for people. Listen their advice, do what you want to do insted.

But the more your subconscious mind receives the message that you don’t give a fuck, the more successful you’ll be in business, friendships and life in general. Which is good! It’ll make you grounded in your own reality.

So when 90% of your actions are on your path, exactly where you wanna go than it will make you naturally not to give a fuck. Because your vision is millions times more import for you and it makes perfect sence to invest you time and energy for your path only. if you want it bad enough, nothing else is an issue because the importance and effects to all the external thoughts, things, situations and people on drops to zero as they are not serving you in anyway to progress on your path. And this makes you detached, proactive and non needy of anything. This makes your thinking clear, straight and profound. With this you will stop carrying a head load of unwanted emotional baggage.

With this mindset you will realize that what people think and say about you, their reactions and behavior towards you doesn’t have any effect on you. You just have to continue to do what you want, making yourself immune & detached to the both the sides (good & bad) will make you naturally not give a fuck. And that’s a good thing.

Click the image below to watch the video.


Aman Varma


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