How to read minds: 3 simple tricks

How I hack into people’s minds and read them like an open book.

At times I used to be very curious to know what’s going on inside people’s head. What are they thinking?
I wanted to develop that super-human mind reading skills so that I could read people like an open book. With the only motive to see if they are approachable, open & interesting to communicate and bond to.
But is it possible to know what people think? 
Fortunately YES! to an extent, if you master these tricks that I use myself to read people I am sure you will be a better communicator.
I’ve spent years learning and experimenting & developing the right perspective of using these tricks. To be concise, these tricks are the blend of body language, observation and how well you know yourself. 
Right here, I am just giving you a brief idea so that it is digestible.

1. Eye Gazing

You might have heard the phrase “eyes are the windows to the soul” that’s true. 100%. I believe in it, after testing of course!
Gaze into the person’s eyes deeply, with relaxed eyes and you can tell how the person is feeling right at the moment. You can sense the frequency of that person’s energy/aura that projects it’s spiritual magnetism and emotional health.
Relaxed gaze is important or else you will creep the hell out of the other person.
Bonus Tip: Gazing 2 mins into people’s eyes will make them fall in love with you. A psychological trick. Can’t believe I just revealed it 😉

read more about the experiment of 2 mins eye gazing on the internet, pretty awesome 👏

Pupil dilation, Duration of eye contact, Willingness to contact eyes

2. Know thyself

Look into yourself. Notice how your body changes when your emotions change. Notice how your emotions change when your body posture changes. Notice how your expressions change. Physiology affects Psychology and vice versa.

Emotions are the energy in motion. Energy is psychological and motion is physical.
When you become empathetic and sensitive to your emotions through solitude or meditation, you will easily be able to pick up on people’s energy and understand how they are feeling and also what they are thinking right at the moment.

3. Mirroring

Next time you see someone, copy their facial expressions, body posture, gestures, voice tone. Then observe & feel yourself in that state and you will start to experience the kinds of energy that other person is going through currently. And then you can assume the meanings of  those feelings and get a rough idea of what the other person is thinking.

The more you look into the eyes, the more you are tuned into and well versed with subtleties of your own emotions, able to identify & understand emotions (empathetic) and are knowledgeable about the body language, the better mind reader will you be.

That’s it. With these 3 tricks you can know, who likes you, who hates you, who loves you, who is bitching you, who is playing with you, who it true to you, etc..
Not going into much details here. This is just the introductory part.
Warning: with this knowledge and understanding comes disappointments as you will see beneath the surface and discover some harsh truths. That’s painful. So detach yourself.

BTW, I am glad to see you here..
With me.. Today.. Alive 🙂

By Aman Varma • Author • Humanitarian • Happiness Coach

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