How to make people fall in love with you!

Love. A chemical reaction that makes us sleepless, feel butterflies in the stomach, and many other weird things happen that are just amazing!! 

Alright! Let’s begin..

1. Positive attitude

We all love to be with people who are positive, optimistic, emotionally stable, at peace and always smiling! No one wants to be with negative depressed people, people who suck the positive energy out of us. Be positive and people will love you for it. See how to be emotionally strong 

2. Smell crisp

Smell great and fresh all the time! Nothing is more comforting and soothing than to sit next to someone who smells great and decent all the time. Take regular baths (cold showers preferably which comes with additional benefits). Try variety to scents, keep your nails clean! Dirty Nails are the most disgusting thing!

3. Eye contact

Get lost in their eyes 😍

Maintaining eye contact shows that you respect the other person and that you care what they have to say. Eye contact projects attention and understanding & builds mutual trust. You know it when the person you are talking to is on his phone, that’s disturbing! Keep the damn phone away when talking to someone. See the 5 love languages

Quick fact: 2 mins of continues gazing into other person’s eyes can make them fall in love with you! Try it!

4 . Personality (qualities of a person)

Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic, patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. People fall in love with those people who have some distinct qualities in themselves. They maybe inborn but mostly developed. Everyone loves a person who can do amazingly cool stuff. If you think the physical appearance is he personality of the individual, then you are partially wrong. Good appearance is a part of the personality. It is god gifted. You simply have it or not. What makes a man valuable is how much has he developed and invested in himself to become better individual and this is what is the most attractive. We are more attracted to people with high capabilities and skills than looks alone. Personal development is the key to make people fall in love with you. You have to have something special to have a special personality because we fall in love with special beings. Develop and polish yourself in every area of your life to be more appealing, attractive and valuable person. Personal development is the way of living your life. Be constructive.

5. Grooming & Appearance

All related to grooming, clean and crisp appearance tells the world that you take care of yourself and you love yourself. Loving yourself is the first critical component of making people fall in love with you! Imagine someone who is chilling in his own zone, not caring what people think of him and accepting himself a 100℅ as he is. That’s what i am talking about, self love makes people love you!

6. Something special (magnetic aura)

“Something” that cannot be named. Have you ever found yourself saying “God! There is SOMETHING in him/her” you don’t know what it is but there is something in that person, something special! Watch how to leave mediocrity & become special

7. Absence & mystery

Make people do the thinking. Make people miss you. We all want what we can’t have. Bring too much available will lose your value. Be absent for sometime, don’t always text, don’t always meet, people appreciate distance sometimes.. Don’t be an open book, keep some mystery in you! Don’t tell everything about yourself to the person, reveal it little by little and this will create attraction for ya (which is the foundation of love) see how to use the law of attraction

8. Intelligence

We all love someone who can make a long conversation with you and talk about almost anything! We don’t wanna surround ourselves with people who are dumb asses, right? People who are stupid is a real turn off! So, get your self educated, not just the formal education but have varied experiences and read a lot. See my article (20 benefits of reading books) or how to increase your intelligence

9. Life purpose

Being a person who has a direction in life, or has a big target for himself is attractive. People love them who are aiming at something and taking actions on it. Having a goal for yourself makes you non-needy and detached from people that is what makes them fall in with you, your sense of detachment. Do you like a clingy and emotionally attached person who suffocates you with too much attention, over showering love and being a servant for ya and needs validation from you, can’t make decisions for himself? I bet the answer is no! See how to create an extraordinary life for yourself

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