Happiness is that one subject that makes me do what I do. Happiness is the top most priority of my life and so everyday I study & learn something that will contribute into my better understanding of happiness.

A few months ago I came across these 10 principles of happiness, formulated by Brian Johansson. I am very grateful to write an article for his great philosophy. All credits to him.


  1. OPTIMISM: The only reason we do what we do is hope. This world is alive because people are optimistic or they believe that today will be better than yesterday. Optimism is what keeps our mind in control.
  2. VISION: To live a happy life it is essential for you to have a vision for yourself, not only in career but in life as a whole. What is your life’s purpose? Why were you born? How do you want to contribute? How to you want your life to look like? Who fo you want to become? Vision is very critical part of one’s superior quality life and sadly this is the part ignored the most because it is not taught in the schools nor by parents! Vision is the blueprint of your life. Get it clear today!
  3. KNOW THYSELF: Be aware of who you are. What are your top 10 values, what are your top 10 feelings, what are your top 10 priorities, who are you, what are your psychological abilities, how you want to live, how you want to act, get to know everything about yourself and believe me tgis journey is funn!
  4. GOALS: To actualise your dreams above, you need to set definite goals for yourself that will build momentum in long run and manifest the reality. All your goals should be in alignment to your highest values and priorities or else your prolly of achieving’em will be very less. Clear intentions + daily doings (aligned with highest values) = happiness. 
  5. ACTION: Without action nothing manifests. By taking action on your goals, will you be able to achieve your dream life. I don’t think there is any need of elaboration on this.
  6. ENERGY: All the principles syncronize. Without energy you won’t be able to take impeccable & consistent actions. Energy relates to optimism, rest, stamina, nutrition & health in general)
  7. WISDOM: This is huge. Let me boil it down to you after doing 1000s of hours of personal development work. To state it simply, without any fancy definition WISDOM = SIMPLICITY. Well that can be elaborated insanely and written a book upon. But over here i will like to tell you, keep things simple, simple as they are, do not jugde/classify/categorize/discriminate between anything. Don’t make assumptions and learn to see things as they actually are.
  8. LOVE: Love is the core of everything. Without love there is nothing. Love more and let others love you too, if you want to live happily. Do what you love and inspire people to do the same. Respect yourself enough to have the courage to do what brings the love out of you.
  9. COURAGE: Courage means heart. Live from your heart, give away your heart through everything you do.
  10. SPIRIT: All the 9 principles above should be in alignment with your spirit/soul/instinct.

If I had to summarise all these points in one word it would be Aretè.

Aretè is a greek word which means excellence and virtue. Being the highest expression of yourself every single moment throughout your life will bring you true happiness because the gap between who you currently are and what you are capable of, lies the anxiety/depression/etc.
So, from today on.. Think Aretè and please share this with a friend of yours and your family members!

By Aman Varma • Author • Humanitarian

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