I want to share a heart opening insight with y’all.. I happen to think that this is what will help you create a nourishing & a warm heart. Dominate this part of your life so that you feel real warmth of compassion in your guts.

I don’t care what you show to the world outside, I care what you feel inside your heart, mind and soul. For instance, you project a very positive & happy personality to the world but deep down inside your soul you feel depressed, jealous and demotivated. What’s  the point in displaying fake self? What’s the worth of doing so? Becuase the output is ZERO. Can you understand what I am trying to tell you?

It doesn’t matter what you show to the world (to some extent) but what truely matters is how you feel inside, your authenticity. 

Even if you are a master at faking and boasting, some day or other people will find out your true identity. It is useless to show that what you are not to the world.

If you feel jealous and often burn your heart jet black because someone else is more successful, rich, sheen, gifted, salubrious, witty, healthy, cherubic, extroverted and alive than you, then.. I want to tell you something – YOU ARE PATHETIC, MISERABLE & UNBEARABLE. PEOPLE HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU HATE YOURSELF.

You get jealous of people because you are insecure about yourself, you have low self esteem, you don’t trust your hardwork and you doubt your abilities.

This is very unattractive, ugly, unappealing,  and so very shit load of low status behaviour. 

You need to work on yourself a lot. But the point here in my blog is not about jealousy but about celebrating other’s success and gains. I am telling you, this will nourish your heart and extent it’s magical powers to the broadest spectrum of happiness & love which exists in the universe.

I feel extremely happy when people around me become successful. I feel extreme joy when I see people laugh, play and have fun. I feel extremely happy when people achieve their dreams. I feel proud and happy when I see people improve themselves. When people around me are happy I am happy. Now again, the point here is not about projecting this to the world and showing off your heavenly quality but about feeling truely happy inside your heart & soul. I told you this for the sole purpose of supporting my article and showing you that I only tell what I have experienced, what I practice and what I find valuable. nothing else, I like to keep my personal self  a bit mysterious.

If you keep getting jealous about other people’s gains & achievement, You will not be helping yourself in anyway.. this can go deep down inside if think upon it. If you are jealous of someone who got better husband/wife than you or if you are jealous of someone who’s got a better car than you or if you are jealous of someone who is better at playing an instrument or if you are jealous of someone who makes more money then you, my friend it is high time for you to work on yourself and improve yourself in this area. Learn to celebrate and feel happy about other people, and you will expand your love capacity multiplied by the number of people you are happy for.

Simple math, suppose happiness = 10. Now you are happy for 1 person other than you then your happiness will be 10×1 + 10= 20. Now imagine if you are happy for 100 people’s success & gains, 10×100 + 10 = 1010 happiness! Now imagine if you are happy for the enitre world 10×20000000000 + 10 = Damn!!! That’s infinity!!

I am extremely dumb in math so please forgive me. But I think I made my point clear.

Well, luckily for me this quality was already been there in me since my childhood but if you do not have this quality, I am telling you – this is worth working for. Why to disturb your peace of mind and burn your heart if someone else is getting happier? It is only damaging you a 100℅. The one one to whom you are cursing for doesn’t feel a thing, he is as happy as he has to be, you are making yourself negative and feel miserable. This is a 100℅ backfiring behaviour that is causing you damage. Are you getting clear about this?

Celebrate other’s gain. Be happy for their happiness. Be grateful for their part in your life. Don’t expect anything from anyone. Be joyful for their growth and appreciate that they are getting the fruits of their hard work. Don’t care about showing it off that you are happy but focus on feeling the joy truely by your heart because this is what matter and will make a difference.

This is love, the broadest spectrum of love. I am extremely happy that you are collosal and enjoying the best of your life.Have a good day! Share this with people who you are happy for.

By Aman Varma • Your Happiness Coach •
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