Lately, I have been studying human relationships in great depth and I came across this concept which is eye opener.

So, in the article I will touch a topic called “limerence”

What is Limerence? 

A completely life altering state of mind, more than a “crush”, very intense feelings of affection towards somebody else, when these feelings are not reciprocated it can destroy one’s life. It is an involuntary state of mind which seems to result from a romantic attraction to another person, combined with overwhelming, obsessive need to have one’s feelings reciprocated.

Well, that’s a hard definition to swallow, you will not be able to relate to and understand what limerence actually feels like, because not everyone experiences limerence in their life. It is easier stated than experienced.

Symptoms of limerence,

1. Intense crush and affectionate feelings for the someone (limerent object)

2. False fantasies and continuous repetation of vivid imagination of romantic or soulful scenes with the limerent object because it gives happiness.

3. Mixed feelings of love & hate towards that one person, often leading to confusion, frustration and poisonous love.

4. Excessive thinking about the person, to such an extent that it hampers your daily life activities.

5. Addicted to thinking about that one person.

6. Depression, frustration and overwhelming negative feelings for the limerent object for not reciprocating one’s feelings.

I have been trying to decode how a limerent mind develops and how it functions. I won’t state it here in the article because I have attached an image below that shows a flow chart of how the limerent mind works, so find the below image.

With little efforts, intellect and interest you will be able to understand what limerence is.

My aim in this article is to give you a glimpse of what limerence looks like and see for yourself whether you are in true love or traped in limerence. I’ve been there, for a long time but with persistent efforts and will I overcame this sick mindset, and I am here to help other people who are traped in there.

See for yourself if you are a limerent or not, if yes, then some serious steps are to be taken by you because this kind of obsessive love is dangerous for everyone. If you want a solution to it, revert back to me on and I’ll show you how to overcome this and experience true authentic love.

Till then, peace! Forward this with the image below so that people who are struggling with love life can unwind themselves and live a happy life.


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