“Be soo good they cannot ignore you”

I will not waste your time in giving you a big intro so lets dive straight in..


  1. Fall in love with your why.
  2. Commit to Mastery i.e. 10,000 hours.
  3. Read, Research, Explore & Experiment and get creative.
  4. Surround with like minded people.
  5. Practice Practice Practice and Practice more.


Fall in love with your “why”:

Look here is the thing, if you don’t have a strong reason to get better at something you won’t be motivated to be persistent and follow through the next 4 steps. This is your fuel to get you to strive for improvement.

Example: If you wish to get really good at cooking, find atleast 10 reasons to do so.

Commit to Mastery i.e. 10,000 hours:

If you have find out your reasons your will naturally feel a strong urge to become a master in that field because you feel good by doing it, as simple as that. After you do this, aim for atleast practicing it for 10,000 and not giving up before it.

Example: Commit to yourself that you will cook solely for the purpose of improving you skills for 10,000 hours. Cook (educate) for 4 hours daily. I have completed 9000 hours of my study of success, you can too if you have a reason for it.

Read, Research, Explore & Experiment and get creative:

Read a 100 books, 1000s of articles, research what top people do that mediocre don’t do, explore the broadest spectrum of that field, Experiment becuase without experimenting you will not get profound knowledge and lastly express what you have learned in your own way.


Example: Read a 100 cooking & nutrition books, read atleast 5 articles daily on cooking, explore all the sub-domains of cooking field like asian, Thai, Chinese, continental, Indian,etc. Then cook every dish you read about, then design your own recipes or maybe write your own cook/recipe book!

Surround with like minded people:

Surround yourself with people of same interests and do something together frequently as a team. Surround yourself with people who can provide you right source of information. Start following and subscribing to the leaders of the industry, learn from the top people.

Example: Make a dish with your family member/friend who has an interest in cooking like you. Follow top people in the industry like Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver on YouTube, Facebook and visit their websites regularly. Follow them on TV shows and maybe participate in a local cooking completion in your area. Follow pages related to cooking on Facebook & Instagram.

Practice Practice Practice and Practice more:

Needs any explanation? NO!!

Example: Cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook and cook even more. No that’s not enough! Cook even more.

By Aman Varma • Your Happiness Coach •

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