Humans get married and make children and familes for the soul purpose of keeping our human race alive, this is how our brains are wired. At the same time we want our children to be of high quality, intelligent and healthy for they have to survive in this world and so we choose our partners/mates with whom we can produce best children. But only choosing a better mate, with better DNA, is not enough for the survival of our (children) species, we need to train and educate them to keep evolving and surviving in this universe. So, below are a few tips to raise intelligent children!

“Intelligence is not the ability to memories information & facts but the ability to think & imagine”

1. Make them independent thinkers rather than memorizing robots.

Let them think upon anything and everything. Let their mind wander and be curious. Teach them how to contemplate. Teach them to be creative & imaginative. Teach them to explore the world.

“Teach your children how to think & not what to think”

2. Make them a life long learner.

School is okay, but school alone is not enough. Make them read more, make them talk to intelligent people, make them learn about smart people, make them believe that learning is fun. School alone is useless, because it doesn’t develop the brain completely. Make them learn things spread across the areas of finance, psychology, physiology, happiness, technology, spirituality, physics, health, everything!

“A child educated only in school is an uneducated child.”

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein

3. Make them open minded & receptive to new indifferent ideas and experiences.

I am going to reveal a truth to you, it may sound false and against what you have been taught your whole life. It maybe counter intuitive and against your beliefs. But questioning what you have been taught your whole life and seeing for yourself if what I am saying is right or wrong will be worth it.

Don’t install limiting beliefs and thinking restrictions in your children, which this society, culture and education system has slapped on your face. Be very open minded with your children across all the topics from religion, to politics, to philosophy, to culture, to sex, to love, to addictions, to beliefs, to happiness. Let them think upon anything and everything their mind wanders to, your job is to provide proper guidance, true knowledge and understanding, support, intellect, wisdom, logic and critical reasoning to your children.

The more you stop them to explore, restrict them or funnel them to things that this society has told you as “right” the more ordinary and mediocre your children will become. Extraordinary people are different.

We are result of what information we have fed your mind, if your children read & experience what everyone else is reading & experiencing then your child will be ordinary as well.

4. Let them question everything.

Let them question their fears, beliefs, insecurities, intelligence, logic, strength, rules, laws, teachings, systems, theories, life, existence, religion, culture or anything. The more they questions the smarter they’ll become.

5. Make them consume different kinds of BRAIN FOOD.

we are the result of what we feed our mind. Make your kids read different books, different stories, engage them in differ hobbies, make them watch a biography documentary instead of a movie sometimes, make them build super vocabulary, make them read about history, politics, religion, anything!

In short, expose them to good quality and diversified information on a daily basis and through different senses (movies, audios, books, experience, experiments)

All the points are interrelated. It is not possible to explain anything in great depth in this article, so stay open minded and accept new ideas.. it’s a whole new world now, we want smart humans in future.


The new age education system is waiting for you.. visit today.


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