How to use CRITICISM to boost your character and turn your mistakes into opportunities & strength – 5 TIPS.
Diving straight in..
1. Do not react immediately to criticism, excuse yourself and don’t ever REACT IN ANGER as it shows lack of self control and weak emotional control. It also lowers people’s respect towards you, destroys your self image and the relationship. STAY COOL & GROUNDED.
2. Analyze the criticism and see what you can learn from it. Take it as a free gift that people give to you, to improve yourself and your personality. It is sore like medicine but beneficial for you, so use criticism wisely and as a learning experience.
3. Focus on how you can tackle it without letting it destroy your self esteem, character and relationship. Always apologize even if the criticism is false, because the temperature of the room is already hot.
4. Use your intelligence instead of EGO-SELF. Your ego knows only 1 thing and that is SELF DEFENSE. It will try and shake you from inside, to make you react to the criticism in pathetic ways which will make the scene even worse. So, kill the EGO & use your intelligence instead.
5. Act with love, don’t be harsh on yourself and the one who critised you. Accept yourself, it’s okay! Everyone makes mistakes! Thank the criticizer for pointing out your mistake, it will elevate your character in people’s eyes and show them that you take responsibility of yourself.
“A man who refuses to admit his mistakes can never be successful”
Be a grown up and mature being, don’t put up a fight, that’s ridiculous! Stay cool, stay humble and they will be flattered by your cool and world class attitude. This is sweet, you can win them over by using criticism against them! And not forgetting to mention that you will be appreciated by people for this kind of attitude and when this happens.. GAME OVER! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY USED CRITICISM TO BOOST YOUR CHARACTER!

“A fight needs two charges up fools, I am sure you are not the one”

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