Why to meditate?

I am sure you have heard many times that “you must meditate” and I am also sure that you do not meditate on a persistent basis. Here are the 3 reasons that I see why people do not meditate:

  1. They don’t understand what meditation is. Even if they think they know what meditation is they are completely wrong unless they have ever engaged in a meditation retreat program.
  2. They do not know what are the benefits of meditating. They might have heard about a few benefits but have not ever experienced it so they do not believe it as well.
  3. They don’t have a “why” for them to meditate. They meditate because people tell them to meditate, deep inside they are unwilling or don’t feel it is worth spending time to meditate daily.

If the above applies to you, this article is for you!

I will give you a few deep insights of the benefits of meditating and a reason for you to meditate on a daily basis based on my personal experience. And it is obvious that nobody will experience these things in a day or two, you have to commit to meditate every single day at least for 20 minutes to experience the below awesomeness.

Benefits & Reasons:

  1. Deep Insights: Meditation gives you still and non-judgmental mind. If you want to develop critical thinking skills, or insightful thinking, meditation is a great way. meditation helps you go deeper into the true nature of things and understand them profoundly. This is the source of all knowledge.
  2. Wisdom Attainment: Wisdom makes you a great decision maker. Have you ever heard stories of wise kings who were great decision makers? Do you know their secret decision making? Wisdom! yes wisdom is the secret. Wisdom is the ability to see the things as they are, without any ignorance. Wisdom is attained through pure mind, which is possible by meditation.
  3. Experience Rapture: It is so funny when you will realize that all the happiness comes from within, we are unable to experience it because we are not seeing inside us, we are so much focused on the external that we become senseless to the infinite love and rapture inside us. a few weeks after I started meditating gave me funny sensations of happiness emerging from my heart and radiating outside to the universe. You can experience this as well.
  4. Mindfulness: Your mind becomes so still, almost thoughtless sometimes that it feels extremely amazing and effortless to experience the reality, the present moment. Present moment is where the life runs, it is the only moment when you feel more alive.
  5. Inner Peace & Unconditional Love: Inner peace is the by product of meditating regularly. With inner peace comes unconditional love for every species, you start falling in love with more people and different species, this just feels so authentic to you. Love is the nurturing tonic for our souls which we experience when we meditate. This way the meaning of your life and our consciousness takes a step further and we experience more contentment and happiness.

Share if you found this article worthy, and comment your questions below, let me know what you think.

Aman Varma | Your Happiness Coach | http://www.amanvarma.com




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