How to create unconditional permanent happiness

We all human beings want to be happy. That is the unrealized ultimate goal of a human life. Happiness is a state of being, in which we feel all the positive emotions; but the main problem with us is that we are not able to keep this happiness permanent and unconditional. We may be extremely happy one moment but as soon as something bad happens to us we start to experience all sorts of negative emotions leaving us feel miserable. We as human beings experience only 2 emotional states in broad sense i.e happiness (Good emotions) and suffering (bad emotions). We either experience happiness or we experience suffering.

What if I tell you that you can get rid of all the sufferings and experience unconditional and permanent happiness just by detaching yourself from people, things, experiences, situations, problems and thoughts! What if I tell you that through detachment you will be on cloud9, no matter how worst the situation or the problem may appear, you will always be happy! What if I tell you that through detachment you can never be unhappy again or suffering (all negative emotions) won’t have any effect on you? This is the power of detachment.

If you want to experience a state of extreme happiness permanently then you have to do only one thing and that is to detach yourself from people, situations, objects, senses, thoughts and all the external & internal events. Now, your question would be what detachment really is and how to detach yourself from all the things listed above?

That’s very simple, “drop your ignorance”

Ignorance means ignoring the truth, not seeing the things as they are, judging, categorizing and discriminating the reality (events, people, situations, objects, etc) based on your perception, mindset, belief system and experiences.

This is the root cause of all the sufferings (negative emotions) which steals us from experiencing true rapture. In reality nothing holds any meaning except the meaning we give to it, this is a truth which cannot be ignored. You have to stop judging, categorizing, classifying and allocating mean to people, situations, problems and objects. For example, if one of your employees makes a mistake it simply means that he/she made a mis-take, they are not trying to harass you or steal your happiness. You gave the meaning to their mistake as “harassment to you”

Another classic example, a black cat crossed your way, this simply means that the animal is going somewhere. It is you who has assigned a false meaning to it as “Something bad is going to happen or we should not cross the way” where as in reality this event didn’t hold any meaning.

Another example, your mobile phone fell from your hand!! This just means that the mobile phone fell from your hand, you assigned a meaning to it as “oh no! This is bad” If the phone was new you would be disappointed and experience suffering (negative emotions) but if the phone was old it would have not mattered to you. Do you see the point? The truth can only be one, if there are two meanings to one thing than it is not the truth hence not knowing the truth is ignorance and it will make you suffer. Learn to see the truth, it will set you free.

In the above example you saw that your attachment to your phone, employee’s mistake and the crossing of the black cat was the cause of suffering (negative emotions) which stole your happiness of a moment. To detach yourself from the things is the only way to experience unconditional and permanent happiness.

Remember, happiness and unhappiness is created by your mind, it is you who can choose to be happy or suffer. HAPPINESS COMES FROM WITHIN.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

Aman Varma | Your Happiness coach |


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