These will make you a loser

I’ve identified 3 things that will make you a loser.. If you don’t get these 3 things right you will never do anything great with your life!

1. Surrounding yourself with Crappy People

If you surround yourself with crappy people who are not dedicated to do something useful out of their life, who are demotivating, shallow minded and trapped in dogma then you will end up like them.

Your aim is to be useful to mankind so start following and surrounding yourself with inspiring, excellent and wise people. Kick the losers out of your life because “birds of a feather flock together”

2. Having poor mindset

You become what you think, your thoughts decide your destiny. If your thoughts are unorganized, impure, judgemental and in strategic you won’t go far. Your psychology is 20% and your life results are 80% if you take control of your 20% you can change your rest 80%. Be smart. Train your mind and don’t be a emotional labour.

3. Not having passion

Your work defines you! You express yourself through your work and the only way to do great work is to love what you do or by having and intense passion for your work. Only this way will you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life. Without passion life is worthless and you won’t be of any use to humanity.

Get these 3 things right, and you will be a leader who will influence the people around you. Cheers!


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