Make your day perfect.

Do you know what sets champions and leaders apart from others? All ultra successful people have one things in common that makes them out stand everyone. It is this one quality that will help you win battles. It doesn’t matter if you are a sportsman, an actor, an entrepreneur or a student if you take care of this one thing – it will take care of your day. You need to take pride in this one thing and you will be proud of your high performance throughout the day.

This key was used by Steve Jobs, it is used by Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Tim Cook, Michael Jordan, Marissa Mayer, Howard Schult and many other ultra successful people, you name it – its there. It does require a bit of efforts and sacrifices and that is why only few people are successful. If you are ready to endure the cost and willing to make sacrifices I can assure you, you will win the game.

This one Key is called Pre-Game Rituals.

** Note: You cannot use this key unless you have a goal or a standard set. (Know how to set your standards)

To be ultra successful you need to raise your standards higher and push your limits. Pre-Game rituals is a small set of habits and things that you do everyday, first thing in the morning that keeps you grounded and clear headed all day long. Your habits & rituals define who you become. Morning is the most important time to prepare yourself for the day, you cannot control what goes during the day but you can control how you start and end your day; and this is what will make the difference. Where attention goes, energy flows. It is important to know what to do and also it is important to know what not to do. You need to have a strong sense of direction that will save your time and increase your productivity by eliminating distractions.

If you want to make a difference i your life, my friend this is the golden key for you. Make your morning rituals and kick the problems in the ass when the arrive. You will be more Confident, Sharp, Clear, Productive, Organized and Effective in your work life. What ever you will try to do will be done, amazingly 😉

Have pride in your pre-game, take care of it and it will take care of you. This is the difference.

Click here if you want to know how to make your own Pre-Game Rituals.

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