1 concept to overcome all metal illnesses – CRAT Technique

“CRAT Technique” for overcoming all mental illnesses.

“You deserve mental freedom to fly”

“Control your mind or it will control you”

There was a time when my life used to suck, my routine was random, and my body clock was disturbed. My house was filthy, my body was unhealthy and the mind never stopped running. This led to various serious problems in my life such as insomnia, TATT (Tired all the time syndrome), Laziness, Lethargy, over thinking, frustration, sleep paralysis, stiff body, anger, aggressiveness and depression (checkout how to overcome depression, proven ways)

Soon I realized where I was going wrong, it was “The Monkey Mind” (checkout top 5 tips to tame the monkey mind based on Buddhist Teachings )

It was all happening because I was in my head, all the time. I couldn’t stop thinking about stuff.  It made me emotionally unstable, physically broke, spiritually depressed and socially dumb. It was long ago I had a good night’s sleep, even after sleeping for 12 hours straight I would feel tired and sleepy. I was addicted to over thinking which slowly started poisoning my whole life.

I was mentally ill and needed a break or maybe complete shutdown of my brain. Then one night I found the solution, a solution which turned my whole life around. I felt energetic, happy, stress free and at peace on the level of mind. It was simple, easy and organized. I loved it and I practice it daily.

I named this solution as “CRAT Technique – Creating Rules & Allocating Time” I framed this technique to help myself get organized, active, energetic and happy. In this blog I will tell you more about Allocating time. You can check out the details on “creating rules” over here. So let’s get started..


The concept:

Allocating time – as the name itself explains, it is about allocating some time – everyday, for various activities so that you can focus n things which are important and need your attention at the time. You also need to do this to avoid confusion, hurry, stress and breakdown. The main aim of this concept is to help you stop over thinking, think clearly, get organized, identify the problem and get a solution to it, live a stress free life without disturbing your daily lifestyle. (Checkout how I solved 3 biggest problems of my life)

For example, my problem was over thinking and so I allocated 30-60 mins daily in the evening to simply think. I noted all the things I have to think about in a diary as my day progressed, and concentrated back on the work that needed my focus. Then in the pre-defined time which was allocated to thinking I went through all the points that I had written down during the day.

Also, I was addicted to think about a person for hours which caused insomniac, TATT, etc. So I used this technique, I said to myself.. I will think about this person for only 15 mins i.e 9:00 – 9:15 PM. And I won’t entertain the thoughts related to this person at any other point of time.

Another problem was that everything in my life was unorganized and so I allocated some fixed time to myself when I will think only about what I want to reorganize and how will I maintain it. That’s it!

I made rules for myself that are linked to keep my life organized and maintain it. Some of these rules are:

  1. I will make my bed every day, as soon as I get up. That’s a rule.
  2. I will follow my morning & bedtime rituals every day. That’s a rule.
  3. I will keep the things back to its place after using it. That’s a rule.
  4. Do stretching and light yoga before sleeping – to relax the body and mind. That’s a rule.
  5. I will not use mobile phone in bed, to avoid stress on eyes – which causes restless sleep & insomniac. That’s a rule, I need to follow.

You can check out some other rules over here.

This technique can also be used as:

  1. Worry time: Think about what caused you worry and how will you deal with it?
  2. Solution time: Find solutions to all the problems in your life in this set of time.
  3. Whatever category you want to put in – relationships, career, personal development or health.

I didn’t know if there exists this kind of technique so one day I tried a google search and to my surprise I found this technique being called as “Block Time”. Choose one and focus on it on the allocated time, don’t let it disturb you all day. You can checkout these articles as well for more information: Article 1, Article 2

The benefits:

  1. Increased Energy
  2. Increased Productivity, Efficiency and Focus.
  3. Better Time Management (Checkout How to manage time efficiently)
  4. Clear Thinking
  5. Stress Free Life
  6. Breakthrough Over thinking addiction
  7. Increased peace of mind
  8. Better relationships
  9. Great Aura and charm
  10. Better Health (Mental, Emotional & Physical)
  11. More confidence
  12. More emotional strength
  13. Guilt free life
  14. You enjoy more (Checkout 8 scientifically proven steps to lasting happiness)
  15. You smile more
  16. You laugh more
  17. You explore more
  18. You become better and better
  19. You becoming amazing 😉
  20. Unlimited benefits. You name it and it’s there..

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