11 proven steps to increase your intelligence

How to increase your intelligence? Proven 11 Steps Guide.

First of all, let me explain what I mean when I say the word “intelligence”. To be clear, I’m not just talking about increasing the volume of facts or bits of knowledge you can accumulate, or what is referred to as crystallized intelligence—this isn’t fluency or memorization training—it’s almost the opposite, actually. I’m talking about increasing your fluid intelligence, or your capacity to learn new information, retain it, then use that new knowledge as a foundation to solve the next problem, or learn the next new skill, and so on.

There was a time when I was insulted to be dumb. I was compared to other people which broke my self esteem and confidence. I was tired of hearing this shit and so I decided to improve my IQ & EQ. I won’t write much about my story and will get straight to the point because I value your time.

Along my journey the below things helped me become more intelligent & I can guarantee you it will help you as well:

  1. Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you: If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong place. Surround yourself with people who are 100 times more smarter and intelligent than you. This will increase your knowledge in lot many areas and the people tend to think that “person who sits with smart people is smart himself” It is not possible to learn everything yourself so learn from people’s experiences.
  2. Reading everything: Read Book (not fairy tails or novels but self help, motivational,  practical books that will improve your knowledge and brain power) you can checkout my top recommended books over here. Read about stock market, sports, politics, science, history, philosophy, psychology, relationships, religion etc. Read everything. Also checkout the amazing benefits of reading books over here.
  3. Asking questions

He who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes, he who does not ask remains a fool forever.

There is not stupid question, stupid people don’t ask questions.

The art and science of asking questions is the root source of all knowledge

He who is afraid to ask, is ashamed of learning

**Pro Tip: There may be some questions that you cannot ask anyone, then google it! believe me just type your question in the search bar and you are going to get it, if in worst case you don’t get it there is always a second option (which always works) Yahoo Answers & Quora – a community page where you can ask questions being anonymous. All the best! Ask anything, everything.

  1. Thinking before acting: Intelligent people think of the solution before acting upon it, foolish people act first and think later (why did it not work!) Don’t be foolish, don’t do trial and error, be patience and take smart steps. Think about the problem from various perspectives and angles.
  2. Willing to improve: Remember “I was compared to other people which broke my self esteem and confidence. I was tired of hearing this shit and so I decided to improve my IQ & EQ. ” Yes, you need to be willing to become more intelligent and stop criticizing yourself that you are so dumb and of no use.
  3. I do not know nothing: “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing” If you think you know everything; you will never be willing to learn anything new. You should be confident that you can learn new things.
  4.  Using DIY concept: DIY stands for “Do it yourself” this concept is amazing. you can learn more about this over here. I won’t explain the concept here but I will tell you about its benefits:
    1. It increases your common sense because you won’t get any expert to do it. you will do it yourself and thus you will have to apply brains
    2. It will increase your creativity – checkout the 5 pillars of creative thinking over here.
    3. It will save you money
    4. It is a great hobby
    5. You will learn a lot
    6. It is entertaining
    7. It impresses people as well
    8. You look smarter
    9. You question everything
    10. You try to improve your work
  5. Doing personal development work: This is a broad concept and covers a lot of things which is not possible to describe in one paragraph. I would suggest you to read all my blogs @ www.successweapon.wordpress.com . You can learn more about it over here.
  6. Watching Documentary and Other Self-Help Videos on YouTube: YouTube is a great place to learn. You can find videos relating to every topic you possibly can think of. Subscribe to these people and watch the videos. Below is my personal subscription list of YouTube:
    1. Tai Lopez
    2. Tonny Robins
    3. Tedx Talks
    4. Brendon Burchard
    5. Alpha m.
  7. Using Critical Thinking & Analysis : That’s all you need to improve.
  8. Using your mobile phone smartly: Use your phone efficiently. Do not limit it only to games, music and messaging. Use wordpress, google pages, quora, etc apps that will increase your knowledge. The only thing we are most attached to today is our phone, so make the best possible use out of it.
  9. Be open minded: There are a number of articles on this and believe me this is one of the most important skill you can ever learn. Google it and you’ll find 100’s of articles describing its benefits, but my personal favorites are:
    1. http://www.essentiallifeskills.net/openmind.html
    2. http://www.positivelypresent.com/2010/09/7-benefits-of-being-openminded.html
  10. Learn to listen and share your knowledge: Learn to share your knowledge as I am doing.. this will increase your knowledge in return try it!
  11. Don’t rely only upon your educational qualification, be a life long learner.

You are not dumb or average.. you are intelligent and smart as hell!! Learn more. Share more.

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